The 5-day garden show, which displays all the latest trends in garden fashion, will be held on the 21st of May through to the 25th. 

Cutting-edge designs, new plants and garden features can be found in surplus at the garden event, often along with a hefty price tag. With show gardens costing a minimum of £300,030, there are often complaints that gardens are unrealistic and out of reach for most. However, dare to look beyond the “showy” stuff and the price tag, their are real ideas to be found which you can create in your own back garden to a budget which suits you.

Facts about RHS Chelsea Flower Show:

  • The Chelsea Flower Show was originally called The Spring Show.
  • The event  has been held at the Royal Hospital Chelsea since 1913.
  • The show is organised annually by the Royal Horticultural Society.
  • Across 23 acres, 500 exhibitors and gardens demonstrate reside for five days throughout May every year. 
  • RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is still the largest flower show in Britain.
  • The Great Pavilion is big enough to park 500 London buses.
  • It takes over 1 month and 800 people to build the Chelsea Flower Show.

How to create a Chelsea Flower Show garden at an affordable price?

To recreate an exact replica of a show garden from the Chelsea Flower Show will come at a price, however, it doesn’t have to if you know how. It’s often the landscaping services, construction costs and the materials used which take these glamorous gardens into the triple figures, however, ideas are priceless. So look beyond the unaffordable elements, and imagine how you could create a Chelsea Flower Show worthy garden on a budget using different materials. We have put together a number of tips on how you can construct a Chelsea Flower Show worthy garden on a budget. 

1. Don’t use expensive landscaping services for elements you can complete yourself.

This might sound obvious, but many homeowners turn to professional tradesmen to complete tasks which are within their capabilities at a small fortune. To save costs, steer clear of landscaping services and other trade professionals and complete tasks yourself at a fraction of the cost. Whether you have taken inspiration from a Chelsea Flower Show show garden, social media networking site or a friend or family member, see what elements you can create yourself.

2. Plan your garden vision

In order to stay on track and budget, plan how you want your garden to look before you begin. Draw, sketch or make use of a free online service to map out your transformed garden. Make sure you measure the garden to get everything right the first time and this will ensure you stay as close to your budget as possible. 

3. Shop around and find alternatives

Materials and plants required to create your Chelsea Flower Show worthy garden will cost a fortune if you’re looking to use the exact materials. Make sure you shop around at local DIY shops and garden centres to find alternative materials which achieve the same objective at a minimal cost. 

For example, focus on using perennials as they will last longer and save you money in  the long term. Grow your plants from seeds and cuttings, although you won’t see instant results, you will be able to cut costs this way. Buy spring bulbs in late Summer or Autumn when they are dried as these are the best conditions to see results. If you’re looking for specimen plants, the effect of the expensive Acer can be achieved using a cherry, cotinus or amelanchier at a much cheaper price tag. 

4. Upcycling

Upcycling or recycling is the perfect way to create your dream garden on a budget. When planning your garden design, identify whether there are elements of your existing garden which can remain and be updated, whether that be a garden border, patio or herb garden. What’s more, give your existing garden furniture a new lease of life with a touch of paint or visit a charity or antiques shop and find furniture which can be transformed to suit your needs on your budget. You can even go as far to use old boots, tin cans, buckets, baskets or wheelbarrows to create pretty garden features that make a great statement.