Cedar Shingles

Typically made from red cedar and available in the form of tiles and ridge tiles, cedar shingles can be put on the roof and used just like you would if you were building the roof with real slates.

In time the shingles that make up the roof will weather and blend in very naturally with just about any environment. They are very strong and thus highly resistant to cracking and weather penetration, meaning they should not let through any rain water, even after many years to come.

Cedar shingles have a natural preservative, which weatherproofs the roof. For extra peace of mind you can also buy pressure treated shingles that are unlikely to ever need treating with any preservative in future.

They are easy to fit yourself as they are simply nailed in place which makes them an attractive option to retrofit to a shed roof the next time the felt on it needs replacing.

This type of roofing can now be made available for any new garden building, from a new shed to a new summerhouse, and given the fact that they will effectively provide a roof for life they are well worth considering as an investment, particularly for their insulating properties if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the building. They can also be attached to the exterior walls of wooden buildings.

Just ask for Cedar Shingles as your roofing option when you make a purchase, and we can install this attractive roofing option to your new garden building.