What is the estimated delivery time?

Our ultimate goal is to deliver your shed as soon as possible. Currently, our deliveries and installations are approximately 14 weeks from the moment you place your order with Ace Sheds. We understand this is a long wait time, however, we believe in the quality of fine British craftmanship and with that comes time. Our sheds are completely tailor-made, bespoke to requirements and crafted by a team of skilled craftsman in the heart of Kent. Our team are passionate about building quality garden sheds, and to us, the manufacturing process is a form of art.

Just as 'Rome wasn't built in a day', neither are your garden sheds; time creates some of the greatest things. 

It is worth noting, Spring and Summer are our most popular seasons so delivery and installation wait time is likely to be at it's highest. If you're looking for quick delivery and installation in time for Summer, we recommend placing your order during Autumn and/or Winter to save disappointment. 

We aim to build an honest and lasting relationship with our customers so we will send frequent updates to state expected delivery and installation dates. What's more, if you need a quicker delivery time or a speedy installation we will try to be as cooperative as possible, so please simply contact one of our expert team members on 01233 822042 and we will try our utmost to arrange this for you. 

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