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Wooden Log Stores

Our selection of modestly-sized wooden log stores is the perfect solution to store your logs come winter or summer. Whether you’ve got a log burner, a feature wall of timber logs or fire pit, our log stores are both functional and attractive.

All of our log storage solutions have been designed with an open front for ease of access and crafted using 100% pressure treated slow-grown timber renowned for being durable, robust and sustainable.

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Timber Log Stores

In recent years, log burners and fire pits have become ever more popular. Whether its an indoor log burner or an outside fire pit, both can create a warm and welcoming environment for you and your guests. 

With more than a million families in the UK heating their homes with a wood-burning stove and greater importance placed on burning ‘dry wood’, it's no surprise log storage solutions are in high demand.

If you’re chopping your own logs, you must ensure they are well seasoned or dried before you use them. The weight of freshly cut logs is almost half made up of water. This means not only are they much harder to burn, but they also produce more smoke, are difficult to light and produce muss less heat.

Seasoned or dry wood, on the other hand, is lightweight, easier to burn and will heat the house faster and longer. 

Log stores are the most effective and efficient way to season logs. An apex or pent style wooden log store with slatted sides/base and an open front will ensure your logs are protected from the rainy British weather as well as circulate air around the store to help season your wood.

To ensure you’re doing your bit to be more environmentally friendly, the Government encourages consumers to:

  • buy an environmental stove
  • upgrade to an environmentally friendly model
  • install a filter
  • burn dry wood
  • regularly sweep your chimney

Features & Specifications

All of our wood stores are constructed using 100% pressure Scots Pine timber so you can have peace of mind knowing your timber structure is made from sustainable wood and is protected from rot, decay and weathering.

As standard, our designs feature treated eased edge framework, an OSB floor & roof, raised platform, diagonal supports and high-quality green mineral roof felt.

We pride ourselves on offering customised designs and completely bespoke styles. Using our simple customisation tool you can choose the dimensions of your store, the thickness of cladding and framing and whether you require a bearer base.

If you’re unable to find a design you like via our online shop, we can also create a log store from scratch. Simply supply us with styles you like, your specifications and requirements and we can work closely with you to craft your timber storage solution!

Where Should you Install your Wood Store

Where you install your wood store is crucial to the success of seasoning your wood. Ideally, you should choose a position outside that is protected from the elements of weathering and a location that is well aired, has a flat even surface such as concrete, wood or paving slab surface and is easily accessible. If you need to build a base, please read our guide to building a shed base

Our timber stores come with a raised platform which reduces wetness, mould and insect attack and improves air circulation.

Why Choose Ace Sheds?

Ace Sheds are a family run business with over 3 decades of experience crafting timber structures. We specialise in premium-quality British-made buildings with customisable features or complete bespoke creations.

We are:

✔️ TrustPilot Certified
✔️ Made in Britain
✔️ SMAS Members
✔️ PEFC Certified 

Our wood stores can be delivered and installed for free to locations around the South East and surrounding regions, including London, Croydon, Brighton, Essex, Portsmouth, Southampton, Hampshire, Cambridge, Suffolk, Sussex, Surrey, and Kent.

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