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Sheds for Business Use

Here at Ace Sheds, we are proud to have supplied sheds for a number of reputable organisations including Leeds Castle (‘the loveliest castle in the world’) and the Blue Bird Café in London.  

We understand a wooden shed for your business can be a niche requirement, however, the extra storage space is something you soon won’t be able to live without once you take full advantage of your commercial storage shed. 

Sheds for Business Use

So, what can you use a shed for, from a business perspective? Whether it be a storage haven for unused office equipment, a bike shed for colleagues or students, an outdoor office, or a mix of all three, a bespoke Ace Shed is your very own unique build. Our simple customisation process ensures you can cultivate your commercial storage shed to you and your business needs. Our extensive range of handcrafted sheds means you will be utterly spoilt for choice.  

Each of our sheds have been expertly handcrafted here in the UK, and 100% pressure treated during the manufacturing process. With a pre-treated shed, you can be rest assured your office supplies will be protected from any kind of damage that comes with weathering. What’s more, this also ensures that you’re wooden structure remains looking great year-after-year, ideal for those looking for curb appeal from their garden office.  

Commercial Storage Sheds

Our sheds for business use also allow for extra security measures which is ideal if you’re storing expensive supplies or equipment. Simply adding security mesh, padlocks and bolts and deadlocks, can instantly enhance the security of your structure. We can also go the extra mile if you’re looking for next level protection – we can accommodate your security needs by adding coach bolted hinges and secure ground anchors for added protection. Use our customisation process to add your optional security features.  

If you’re looking for a completely bespoke commercial storage shed, give us a call on 01233 822042 or contact us online. We love working with new brands and will work closely with you and your business to design a tailored premium shed that accommodates all of your needs. Not only that, but a storage shed or garden office that also complements your existing structure or surroundings. If you have a drawing or sketch to hand, and would like to talk to us one-on-one, please come into the showroom and we can take a look through your proposal!   

If you’re intrigued to see the type of sheds we have produced for previous customers or clients, please explore our customer gallery. Or, visit us at our showroom and see our wooden outdoor buildings in the flesh. 

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