Tanalised Pressure Treated Sheds

Pressure Treated Timber

We have two different types of pressure treated buildings, both use the excellent Tanalised Extra treatment with Water repellent built-in for the cladding. Our cheapest version has an 11mm O.S.B Floor and Roof or you could go with our premium buildings which come with a 12mm Tongue & Groove roof and floor which makes the building fully 100% Pressure Treated.  View our range of Pressure Treated Sheds today.

Our Standard Pressure Treatment

All of our 100% pressure treated sheds and buildings are manufactured from quality tongue & grooved redwood (not cheaper rebated cladding) all of which is secured to 50 x 25mm battens with rust resistant stainless steel ring nails. Tongue & grooved roofs and floors on this option are standard along with high quality ironmongery and green mineral felt. Please note: all of our optional extras are available in this range.

Water Repellent

Our tanalised timber also has the added benefit of a water repellent, which will provide you with a maintenance free shed or building which will not rot for up to 10 years even in ground contact.

We at ACE Sectional Buildings (Ace Sheds) are confident that you will not find a higher quality 100% pressure treated garden building or shed with added water repellent at our fantastic prices anywhere in the UK. Please visit our shed show site in Kent or contact us for more information.


Our timber is sent direct by us to be pressure treated. This allows us to add Water Repellent at part 2 which is unique to Ace. No other shed company offers this outstanding treatment.

Timber loaded into treatment vessel. Initial vacuum applied - timber cells evacuated of air. Vacuum held.
Cylinder flooded under vacuum with Tanalith ® E Wood preservative with optional Tanlith ® Extra and Tanatone ® additives.
Hydraulic pressure applied, forcing the preservative deep into the structure of the timber.
Final vacuum extracts excess preservative solution, which is pumped back into storage.
Low pressure inside timber draws in surface solution when vented to atmosphere. Treated timber is left to dry.
Pressure Treated Sheds

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