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Garden Shed, Workshop & Summerhouse Access


All of our sheds are made in large manageable sections to be transported easily into your garden via outside (side) access.
Most sheds are not made to be carried through properties. However, at an extra cost we do offer a cut down (easy access) service, in most cases, whick will allow us to transport your shed through your property in smaller manageable sections (please contact us for advice). You do need to clarify this before production starts!

if neccessary, please remove fence panels or any obstructions i.e. overhanging trees, branches, gutters etc. If there are gates, there must be no arches, bars or lintels. 
For Health ans Safety reasons we are not able to lift panels over high obstacles as panels are extremely heavy.

Access through neighbouring properties:

If the only access to your base is via a neighbouring property, it is the responsibility of the customer to organise this and seek permission to do so.
Panels can be extremly heavy to manage and getting panelsthrough and over fences can be difficult, especially whilst trying to be mindful of property and vegitation. 
All risks associated with this including damage to fences, boarders, plants etc. are the customers responsibility.

If we are unable to gain access to the base to install the building, we will leave the building in a safe place along with all fixings for self assembly. As we offer a FREE installation service, there will be a charge If we need to return to install the building once it has been moved to the base.


We use 6m long Mercedes Benz Sprinter slatbed vans to deliver your building. Appropriate parking is essential for the duration of your installation. If a parking permit is needed, please provide this at the time of delivery or notify us of any meter charges so we can add this to your delivery charge.



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