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About our Garden Sheds and Buildings

All our standard priced sheds and buildings are supplied with the following:

  • 12mm (finished) T & G Shiplap (or feather Edge if choosing the Sussex or Surrey Range)

  • 11mm OSB Flooring with 22x50mm joists spaced every 300mm apart (except The Garage)

  • Safety Plastic for windows

  • Heavy Duty green mineral felt

  • Ironmongary

  • Screws and fixings

Pressure Treatment Option:

  • If you require the Pressure Treated Option, you will automatically receive a T & G Roof and Floor as standard.

Please see below for examples of particular cladding options, framing options, flooring options and specs.
Claddings Available:

  • 12mm (after machining) Redwood T & G Shiplap. This is the most common cladding available which is a planed interlocking board which is priced as standard. (except for Surrey and Sussex Range)

  • 15mm (after machining) Redwood T & G Shiplap. Planed interlocking T & G Board 15mm Thick after machining. 

  • 19mm Log Lap Cladding. This type of cladding is 19mm thick after machining and planed from 25 x 100mm boarding to give an oval profile on the outside face and flat surface on the inside. It is T & G and interlocks.

CLADDING ADVICE WARNING -   Please be aware that sizes given for the thickness of our claddings are after machining and what you will receive. This IS NOT always the case nor clear from other manufacturers or suppliers.

Framing Available:
Priced as standard is our Heavy Duty 25mm x 50mm framing. This is complimented by 50mm x 50mm* at key points in the buildings for extra rigidity and strength. All sections are braced with diagonal bracing for additional support.**
*not on smaller basic ranges
**only where the space allows
As an upgrade to the standard Heavy Duty Framing is the heavier duty 38mm x 63mm CLS framing. This framing is a planed rounded edged pressure treated timber which adds additional rigidity and compliments the smallest of building.

 All of our framing and claddings derive from mainly Sweden and Russia. All our our wood supplied to us comes from well established companies bearing the FSC and PEFC Trade Marks. Although our wood does carry the FSC or PEFC logo, we DO NOT as yet hold a chain of custody certification and as a result cannot promote this fact. We are however making provisions for us to hold a chain of custody in the near future as the demand for this sourcing increases. Please beware of companies that carry the PEFC or FSC Logos on their websites, this DOES NOT mean they are audited to hold chain of custody. You can check and verify their status by visiting the FSC and PEFC websites.

Standard Windows and Doors:

Depending on the size of building, type of building and where the door is positioned, (especially on the Pent Ranges), will determine how many windows as standard you will get in your shed. For Example: A 6 x 4 Kent Apex Shed will have 1 Window but a 10 x 8 Kent Apex will have 3 Windows. All windows are 2 x 2" Square and are fixed as standard. Opening windows can be purchased via the Building Extras Link. Some small sheds like the 6 x 4 Wiltshire or the 6 x 4 Essex Pent with the I Position Door configuration will get windows 18 x 24" or as is able to get into the space. Doors are normally 30" wide by 6ft High as Standard. If you opt for a small shed like the 6 x 4 or 7 x5, you may get a 27" Door depending on the style you have chosen. If you choose a Pent with a E, F or J Configuration, the door will be slightly lower also to accommodate the roof overhang.
Floor and Roof Materials:
11mm OSB Floors and Roofs - Our sheds, workshops and summerhouses (except for certain models) are priced to include a standard OSB Floor and Roof. Water proof manufactured board (100% PEFC). This type of board is used throughout the trade for multiple applications. It is waterproof and comes in 8 x 4 sheets allowing for minimal joins in a roof or floor and as a result makes manufacturing much simpler and cost effective.

22mm OSB Floors - This is basically 2 layers of 11mm OSB boarding giving superior strength.

T & G Roofs and Floors - This option is available on all of our products at additional cost. Made from 12mm T G V interlocking planed board. Remember that you automatically get a T & G Roof and floor with the 100% Pressure treated option.
All of our buildings are delivered to you treated with a water based wood preservative under the floor and on the exterior of your building. The wood preservative does as its name suggests and preserves the wood against fungal and pestiside attack. This is not an alternative to a solvent based treatment to stop water penetration and therefore a good water preservative should be applied (following manufacturers instructions) at regular timely intervals.
100% Pressure Treated Timber:
This method of treatment is well known for being the best type of treatment as the treatment used is forced into the wood giving it a long lasting defense against insect and fungal attack. To stop water penetration, we do advise the use of a solvent based treatment yearly to prevent this. As the treatment we use is TANALITH EXTRA E for our pressure treated wood, this contains a water proofer to make the wood totally maintenance free. (See links for further details)

PLEASE NOTE: Although all the pressure treated timber goes through the same treatment process, slight variations in colour can occur from board to board. This is a natural occurance and is in no way an imparement of the timber nor treatment. 

Still not sure of our quality? Send us your name and address and we will send you a free sample pack of the different types of timber we use.


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