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Pretty Sheds

Introducing a new, unique range of pretty sheds, going outside the realm of a normal shed to bring out the utmost character in your garden. Our handmade garden pretty sheds are designed with style and aesthetics in mind. We provide a range of an eye-pleasing garden sheds in Kent, Essex, London and the South East, with the option to customise them to your preferences. 

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Our pretty sheds are in some cases secondary styles of our most popular garden sheds like the Kent Apex Garden Sheds, featuring an increase in dimensions, ironmongery features and additional windows and doors - all in the hope of giving that visually "pretty" effect for our customers.

Dependent on your needs and stylistic requirements, we will happily personalise your very own pretty shed to your unique specification. Feel free to contact us by email today or contact us online. If you're looking to invest in a pretty garden shed we also offer sheds with interest-free finance so you don't have to compromise on quality. For more information, please visit our FAQ finance page.


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