A garden shed is a practical solution for any garden, no matter what size. Your use for having a garden shed will ultimately come down to storing garden equipment and providing practical space for your necessities. At Ace Sheds, we offer a huge variety of garden sheds in KentEssex and other surrounding counties. All of which are simple to install, with our expert employees guiding you through every step of the way. We love our customer's to use their imagination. If you want to add your own twist to one of our garden shed designs, we would love to discuss how we can make it happen for you. 

What sheds are available?

Two types of shed are available at Ace Sheds, in standard and pressure treated. 

Pressure Treated Sheds, or Premium Sheds, offer some of the finest custom made sheds in Kent. Our timber is 100% pressure treated which offers you year-round protection. All of our favourite and best selling designs are made available in this type of shed, which will, without doubt, withstand the elements in your garden.

Various styles are of sheds are also available. Here are some of our design styles.

Our Security Shed design will give you total peace of mind that your tools and equipment are locked safely away during day and night. A slot window for light is provided, but other than that, there are no other encouraging openings for potential thieves. Check out our Reigate Security Shed from £502.00!

Living in London? Or simply need somewhere to store your bike? Our Bike Shed design comes secure with the strongest security options including Squire Combi bolt for multiple users and security tamperproof screws for hinges.  Built purposely for bikes, this shed design comes with built-in bike supports and diagonal bracing. 

The Apex Shed is also a popular style at Ace Sheds. Featuring the V-shaped roof, these wooden sheds provide a traditional look and allow the water to run off either side of your garden shed. This style shed is available across the board, with the Kent Apex Wooden Outdoor Garden Shed our most popular at £377.00!

For great water repellent qualities, a Pent Roof Shed from Ace Sheds would be your best bet! The highest point of these sheds is the front, which then slopes down towards the back. Various pent roof sheds are available online with our best selling shed being the Essex Pent Wooden Garden Shed from just £387.00!

What to consider when buying a shed?

Think about the size of your shed. It's always best to measure the space you have in your garden, including space for extra dimensions like roof overhangs, window openings and door space. 

There is no harm in getting a little extra space with your shed just to be sure it can facilitate your every need. We have lots of different dimensions available in all our designs!

Another thing to consider is your shed base. Without the correct base, it can be one hell of a task getting your shed erected. Be sure to check out our "How To Build A Shed Base" guide before buying a shed from us.

How should I maintain my shed?

Any shed needs a level of maintenance, no matter how fancy or "premium" it may be.

All of our sheds are quality wooden sheds and they won't shrink or split due to an adverse change in weather conditions. So, it's imperative that you treat your shed annually with a wood preserver. 

Our pressure treated sheds are fairly low maintenance due to their construction. So if you're looking for as little babysitting time as possible, these are the way forward


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