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Buying Guide

A garden shed is a practical solution for any garden, no matter what size. Your use for having a garden shed will ultimately come down to storing garden equipment and providing practical space for your necessities. At Ace Sheds, we offer a huge variety of garden sheds in Kent, Essex and other surrounding counties. All of which are simple to install if you choose to do so yourself. If you would rather one of our experts erect your garden shed, that’s not a problem, we offer free installation with every purchase. If you want to add your own twist to one of our garden shed designs, we would love to discuss how we can make it happen for you. 

What to consider when buying a shed?
Firstly, think about the space available in your outdoor area which is going to accommodate your garden shed, summerhouse or workshop. We recommend measuring a space in your garden, whilst also remember to consider dimensions such as roof overhangs, window openings and door space which are going to need more space. 

Consider what the purpose of your shed is going to be. If you’re planning on storing expensive belongings such as garden tools, office equipment or general valuable belongings you may want to consider investing in additional security measures as well as more durable cladding, framing and felt to ensure your garden building is sturdy and stable, and well protected against weathering. 

Another thing to consider is your shed base. Without the correct base, it can be one hell of a task getting your shed erected. Be sure to check out our "How To Build A Shed Base" guide before buying a shed from us.

Step by Step Guide to Customising & Purchasing your Custom Made Shed through Ace Sheds

Step 1. Choose your desired category 
We have an array of categories to choose all with an aim of meeting your needs. Simply browse our main navigation to find the category you’re looking for.

Step 2. Use the filter
Once you land on your chosen category, use our filter located on the left hand side of the page.

The filter enables you to select:
-    Size
-    Felt 
-    Cladding
-    Door type
-    Price 

The filter is a great function if you have a rough idea of the specification you’re looking for.

Step 3. View & customise your preferred 
Once you have explored our categories you can select your preferred garden shed, summerhouse or workshop by clicking ‘view & customise’

Step 4. Select customise
Once you have finished reading our product description, click on ‘Customise’ to be directed to our simply customisation process

Step 5. Select your dimensions
Within our customisation configuration, using the bar feature select your desired width and depth. Once you have selected your chosen dimensions, proceed to next step.

Step 6.  Select your door position
From the list of options available, select your desired door position (as distinguished by the provided images). Once you have selected your chosen door type, proceed to next step.  

Step 7. Select cladding type
Cladding is the material used to make up the body of the panels for our wooden structures. By choosing your preferred type of cladding you will alter its appearance. A greater depth of cladding will offer greater stability, durability and sturdiness. 

Tongue and groove refers to wooden panels which are seamlessly joined by means of interlocking ridges and hollows down their sides. 
Shiplap cladding has a recess cut into the edge of the timber panels causing the boards to overlap slightly.

We provide two types of cladding: 12mm T&G Shiplap Cladding and 15mm T&G Shiplap Cladding

Once you have selected your chosen cladding, proceed to next step.  

Step 8. Framing
Framing is the structural skeleton of your wooden shed, used to support the wooden panels and roof of your shed. The greater the depth of framing used will increase your sheds life expectancy, durability and stability.

We offer two types of framing: 47mm x 53mm and 63mm x 38mm 

Once you have selected your chosen framing, proceed to next step.  

Step 9. Door Type
From the list of options available, choose your preferred door type. Most of our sheds have a minimum of 5 door options to choose from. 

Door types:
-    Standard door is a heavy duty 27” or 30”, fully ledged and braced door.
-    3ft single door is a 3ft standard fully ledged & braced door.
-    Stable door is a 27” or 30” fully ledged & braced door, which has been cut horizontally to become a stable or barn door.
-    Joinery door is 76cm by 180cm door incorporating a 3 lever sashlock and handle.
-    3’ wide joinery door is 91cm by 180cm door incorporating a 3 lever sashlock & handle. 
-    Double door is a pair of 27” or 30” doors which are ideal for large object acess
-    Douoble joinery door is a pair of 76cm by 180cm joinery made doors featuring a 3 lever sashlock and handle.
-    Pluckey style door is a fully ledged and braced door featuring featuring a window with four window panes
-    Georgian style door is a Fully ledged and braced door featuring a six pane window with a 3 lever sashlock & handle

Once you have selected your chosen your door type, proceed to next step.  

Step 10. Select Window Type
From the list of options available, select your preferred window type.

We offer:
-    Fixed windows meaning the window is fixed and does not open (also available in cross style)
-    No window option
-    1 window opening meaning one window has the function to open
-    Standard cross window which offers a 4 panes window effect 
-    Standing opening window which offers a single pane glass window opening
-    1 opening/1 fixed cross window meaning both windows feature a cross style effect but only one window has the functionality to open
-    2 fixed cross windows meaning both windows are fixed and do not open
-    2 fixed standard windows meaning both windows are fixed and do not open
-    2 opening windows meaning both windows open outwards

Once you have selected your chosen your window type, proceed to next step.  

Step 11. Select your felt 
Felt is the protective material added to your shed roof. Felt ensures your shed is protected from harsh weather conditions, preventing rot and decay.

We offer several types of felt, these include:
-    Cedar roof shingles: renowned for insulation, dimensional stability and natural resistance to weathering.
-    Felt tiles: made from bitumen, glass fibre and coloured granules which comes with a 10 year warranty
-    Heavy duty felt: high quality green mineral felt
-    Onduline style felt: tough, lightweight, corrugated roofing sheet with a 15 year warranty available for apex and pent style sheds.
-    Rubber roof felt: EPDM rubber with a 20+ year life expectancy
-    Standard felt: high quality green polyester green mineral felt

Once you have selected your chosen your felt type, proceed to next step.  

Step 12. Select optional security extras
We offer a range of optional security extras at additional cost. Our security extras are ideal if you’re looking to increase your security measures and key your valuable belonging safe and secure.

We offer:
-    Neulock Pad Bolt: 7 level sold secure silver lock, manufactured from stainless steel which provides a trouble free quality produced with a five year warranty.
-    Padbolt & Lock: the padbolt is bolted through the framing giving extra security. Squire padlock is also supplied
-    Solid brass padlock: squire padlock to fit into the supplied hasp & staple
-    Squire keybolt: steel lock body, 4 level lock mechanism, body and bolt encased in a weather proof cover with steel components.
-    Security mesh: wire security mesh which fits behind glass window panes
-    3-Lever lock & Handle: included with all joinery doors
Once you have selected your chosen your optional security extras, proceed to next step.  

Step 13. Select your installation & delivery
We offer free delivery & installation. If you would prefer to erect your own shed, simply click ‘delivery only’
Once you have selected your chosen your installation & delivery, proceed to next step.  

Step 14. Select Optional Extras
We offer a range of optional extras. We know that a shed isn’t always complete in its purest form, that’s why we offer some additional extras that make your shed a usable space for you. 

Our optional extras include:
-    12mm Ply Overlay:  a 12mm ply board to overlay the standard floor making a 24mm thick floor which is ideal for heavier objects,
-    Bearer Base: a pressure treated bearer base which is used where a base is not present or slightly uneven. 
-    Easy Access Apex: shed panels are made in smaller section to provide easy access through a regular size door. 
-    Integral Log End Storage Apex
-    Roof Window Installed
-    Roof Window Supplied
-    Gutter Pack Apex

Step 15. Add to Basket or Continue Shopping
Once you have finished customising your shed, simply add to basket or continue.
If you choose to add to basket, you will be taken to the basket where you can choose to checkout. 

Step 16. Checkout
At checkout, you will be asked to enter your:
•    Email address 
•    Deliver address
•    Billing Info
•    Review & Pay

Step 17. Confirm your order
Confirm your order, and we’ll get started on handcrafting your garden shed… See you soon! 

What sheds are available?

We have a range of shed available including: apex sheds, pent sheds, corner sheds and potting sheds

Pressure Treated Sheds, or Premium Sheds, offer some of the finest custom made sheds in Kent. Our timber is 100% pressure treated which offers you year-round protection. All of our favourite and best selling designs are made available in this type of shed, which will, without doubt, withstand the elements in your garden.

Various styles are of sheds are also available. Here are some of our design styles:

Our Security Shed design will give you total peace of mind that your tools and equipment are locked safely away day and night. A slot window for light is provided, but other than that, there are no other encouraging openings for potential thieves. Check out our Reigate Security Shed!

Living in London or Brighton? Or simply need somewhere to store your bike? Our Bike Shed design comes secure with the strongest security options including Squire Combi bolt for multiple users and security tamperproof screws for hinges.  Built purposely for bikes, this shed design comes with built-in bike supports and diagonal bracing. 

The Apex Shed is also a popular style at Ace Sheds. Featuring the V-shaped roof, these wooden sheds provide a traditional look and allow the water to run off either side of your garden shed. This style shed is available across the board, with the Kent Apex Garden Shed!

Once I’ve bought my shed, how should I maintain it?

Any shed needs a level of maintenance, no matter how fancy or "premium" it may be.

All of our sheds are quality wooden sheds and they won't shrink or split due to an adverse change in weather conditions. So, it's imperative that you treat your shed annually with a wood preserver. 

Our pressure treated sheds are fairly low maintenance due to their construction. So if you're looking for as little babysitting time as possible, these are the way forward

If you would like to customise your shed over the phone with one of our team members, please do not hesitate to get in touch


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