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Shed Maintenance

Every now and again we all need to do a bit of maintenance on anything we buy and your garden shed is no different, but don't worry it's not difficult! As writing this, we have just come through very wet, cold and windy few months so checking out the Garden Shed or Workshop and getting it ready for summer is important.

With the damp conditions comes mould. Now unfortunately during cold damp nights and mornings the conditions are just right for mould growth both inside and outside but this can easily be wiped off with a mould remover or spray bleach. All timber has certain moisture content especially when new and this will contribute to the dampness and will mainly affect the roof. Leaving the door open when you can or even better if you have opening windows will give ventilation and will help dry out the Shed/ Workshop and help stop mould growth.

If you haven't chosen an 'Ace' Garden Building with it's built-in waterproofer, then it most probably needs a treatment to help stop water penetration. This isn't as important during the drier months but there are many types on the market today or from our website which can colour the building, giving a fresh look for the season ahead.

Ironmongery is prominent on most of our garden buildings, so with this in mind, it is important that you use good quality oil to take care of this ironwork. Whether it is hinges, locks, handles or window ironwork, oil them for easy operation.

its always a good idea to check the felt regularly for any wear or tear. Felt does deteriorate with the suns U.V light, wind may get under and rip the felt or overhanging tree branches may rub and tear the felt. Tree sap is also known to deteriorate felt. This is unless you have our "Onduline' roofing which helps withstand all these and comes with a 15 year manufactures guarantee or our EPDM roofs that have a 25 Year guarantee.

Last but not least is to clear debris from around the shed, leaves and other debris hinder a good airflow under the building, keeping the floor damp, leading to woodworm and dry-rot. Our floors have pressure treated battens under the floor to help stop this, but a good airflow will also aid in keeping woodworm and dry rot away.

By maintaining your building, not only will it look good but it will give you many years of use and enjoyment.


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