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Pent Sheds

Are you looking for a pent shed that is both contemporary in style but functional in its design? A wooden pent shed could be just what you’re looking for. The straight lines and sharp edges of a pent garden shed create a sleek and seamless finish ideal for adding a touch of modernisation to any exterior space. 

Crafted from premium quality, slow grown Redwood Timber, our pent sheds utilise tongue and groove cladding for maximum durability and longevity. Our best-selling creations have been 100% pressure treated to prevent the effects of weathering from taking their toll ensuring your garden building retains its attractiveness year after year. 

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What is a Pent Shed?

A pent shed is distinguished by its single sloping roof. The highest point of the roof is usually located on the same side as the door offering the maximum height available. 

If you have a reverse pent shed, the highest point of your single sloping roof will be on the opposite side of the door. 

Typically, our pent garden buildings feature tongue and groove cladding, however, upon request, we can design your shed with shiplap or overlap cladding. As standard, your pent building will include a T&G roof and floor, as well as, 47x35 eased edge treated framework and joinery made window frames with cills & 4mm toughened glass. 

To ensure the roof of your shed remains intact, our buildings are designed with a high-quality polyester green mineral felt which can be upgraded if you wish. Your roof has the greatest exposure to weather so it’s important to put protective measures in place to maintain its functionality.

Pent shed or apex shed - which roof is right for you?

One of your toughest decisions when looking to buy a garden shed is what roof is right for you - a pent shed roof or an apex shed roof?

There are important factors to consider before you make the decision and invest in a quality shed. 

The main differences:

  • An apex shed has two slopes that meet in the middle with sloped sides making it easy for water to run straight off.
  • A pent shed has a single slope with the highest point being the full length along one side. 

An apex shed is a good solution if you’re looking to use your garden shed as a workshop, garden office or home gym as it will provide greater headroom than a wooden pent shed. An apex shed is typically taller in height so is harder to disguise or tuck away within your garden.

A pent should is better suited to storage. Generally speaking, they are more compact in design so can easily be placed under a tree or against a wall, making them more discreet and less intruding in your garden space. 

If you’re looking to use your pent shed as a storage solution, have in mind you will have to store your tall tools and equipment at the front of your shed unless you opt for a reverse pent shed. 

It is also worth noting if your garden shed is less than 2m from your property boundary it must be no taller than 2.5m.

Made to measure pent sheds

Our pride and joy lie in creating made to measure pent sheds. We understand that a garden shed has an abundance of uses that will differ for each individual and family, and with that, requires personalisation and customisation. 

Using our online shed designer, you can customise aspects of our standard pent shed to suit your requirements. Whether it’s moving the windows or doors, upgrading the framing, cladding and felt material or adding security features and optional extras to your shed, all can be made possible at Ace Sheds. If one of our existing wooden pent sheds doesn’t tickle your fancy, we love crafting designs from scratch. By sending us a picture or a design of a shed you like, or a list of specifications and requirements, our experienced team can create a design completely unique to you. Only when you’re happy with the final design and elements of the build will it go into manufacture. 

Contact us online, or pop into our showroom to explore our pent garden sheds or to speak to one of our friendly team members.

Pent sheds on finance

We recognise a pent garden shed can be a large investment, however, a premium-quality shed built from durable materials and 100% pressure is a lifetime investment. We offer pent garden sheds on finance to help you manage the costs. Our interest-free crest option means you can purchase a pent shed by putting a deposit down at an amount of your choice followed by monthly payments over a 12-month period. 

If you have questions about our finance option, please visit our frequently asked questions or contact us to find out more.

Why choose Ace Sheds as your trusted and reliable Pent Shed Supplier?

At Ace Sheds we encourage our customers to push the boundaries with their timber sheds. Whether that be in its functionality, design or both. A usable space outside of the home environment can be so beneficial on your health and wellbeing by enabling you to enjoy a hobby, time to relax or to create a distinct separation between work and home. 

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we can advise you on all elements of your garden buildings from their use, design to the materials, positioning and so much more. Our excellent TrustPilot stands as a testament to our experience, knowledge and excellent customer service. 

As a dedicated garden shed supplier, we are:

✔️ TrustPilot Certified
✔️ Made in Britain
✔️ SMAS Members
✔️ PEFC Certified 

We deliver free of charge to a number of areas within the south-east; you can get your garden building delivered and installed to areas such as Kent, Essex, London, Brighton, Sussex, Surrey and Portsmouth

For more information about our range of sheds, installation or delivery service, please contact us online or call us on 01233822042.

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