Your garden buildings are more expensive than others I’ve come across online, why is that?

We pride ourselves on offering garden buildings that are high quality and provide customers with assurance. We try our best to portray that online and in our showroom, where you can see the manufacturing process yourself.

To ensure our sheds provide optimum durability and security, we manufacture from the highest quality materials. We want to assure our customers that expense is not spared when it comes to manufacturing your garden building, from pressure treatment to the panels and doors. We locally manufacture your outdoor buildings and sheds, so our customers can expect a great standard of production by experts who take pride and passion in their work. In our eyes, you can’t put a price on sustainability and quality.

Tips to look out for:

  • Panels in sections: This reduces the overall strength of the building.
  • Height: Often outer buildings lower in height are cheaper in price.
  • Framing: A thin framework is often used as a cheaper alternative.
  • Cladding: Thin cladding is used to save costs.
  • Doors: Ensure there are diagonal supports on the inside of the door to support the weight sufficiently to prevent dropping.
  • British: Most of the online competitors source their garden buildings from abroad.
  • Bespoke options: Is there a bespoke option to create your own unique outdoor building?
  • Treatment: Are online companies providing pressure treatment and/or built-in water proofer cladding for longevity and durability?

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