Step By Step Guide To Building A Summerhouse

1. Plan your space

The first thing that you will need to do is plan out what you would like your summerhouse to look like, and how much space you need to build it. Drawing a quick sketch of your initial idea can allow you to decide how many windows and doors your summerhouse will have, where you would like these to go, and what style of roof you would like. Deciding all of this early on can help your construction process run a lot smoother.

2. Laying the base

One of the most crucial parts of any building is creating a solid foundation. Before you get started, make sure that you have chosen a suitable spot for your new summerhouse. Ideally, keep it away from too many trees to prevent your summerhouse from being damaged in the event of high winds or strong storms, and ensure that it is a place where you can still enjoy the winter sun.

Your summerhouse’s foundations can be easily made from concrete, paving slabs or timber. Concrete can offer more durability, but if you choose this material, make sure to lay a waterproof membrane down first. Using a paving slab base can allow your summerhouse to be easily moved, should you wish to. Timber bases are often used to create decking style base for summerhouses and can offer a beautiful rustic flooring. To ensure that your base is extra secure, consider using concrete to fix the timber securely into the ground.

Make sure that your foundation is level before moving onto the next stage of building, this will help to prevent structural issues with your summerhouse later on, and allow it to better withstand the elements.

3. Construct the frame

The next step is to build the frame of your summerhouse. You can use timber to create a skeleton shape, leaving room for the windows, doors or even skylights that you drew in your plans. When constructing the frame, make sure that each piece of timber is straight to keep the structure sturdy. Use tongue and groove interlocking timber panels to keep your frame strong.

4. Walls and roofing

Now that your summerhouse is starting to come to life, it’s time to keep the water and air out.  Make sure to add roofing felt before adding your chosen roofing material to keep your summerhouse watertight and looking beautiful all year round. You may want to tile your summerhouse roof with clay tiles, or shingles or even lay grass to absorb the summer heat.

You will also need to decide what type of walls your summerhouse is going to have. Consider using timber to create a cosy, rustic feel, or drywall and insulation to make your summerhouse the perfect place to escape to in the summer or winter.

5. Floors and finishing

Make your summer house looks clean and smart by sanding down all exposed timber and applying polishes, paints and wood protectants to the walls and flooring. If you have opted for a concrete floor, now is a good time to stain it to give it a bit more character and make sure it lasts. Alternatively, if you have chosen wooden or deck style flooring, treat the wood so it can withstand general wear and tear. 

6. Windows and doors

With your summerhouse really taking shape and all of the polishes and paints dried, you can insert the doors and windows into the frame. Start with the windows, and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid drafts. As your summerhouse is made mostly of wood, avoid using expanding foam to fix any windows into pace as the wooden frame will be prone to shrinking and expanding with the weather and age which could affect the security and stability of your windows. Finally, before securing the door in place, make sure it hangs level and can be easily opened and closed.

7. Make it yours

Your summerhouse is now complete! Time to make it yours. Add some style and personality to your new summerhouse with flowering window boxes, lanterns, bird feeders and furniture. Make it a space that you would love to relax in after your hard work.

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