The Bethersden-based shed company, Ace Sheds, have donated a brand new shed to a pensioner who had his one stolen from his own allotment. 

The break-in is said to have happened at the site in Riddles Road in Borden on Sunday, February 11th. 

Stepladders and other items from inside were left behind but the wooden structure had gone.

Jim Burlton, who’s 76 and from Milton Regis, inherited the shed from a friend and spent the whole winter re-building it, fixing bits and putting new felt on the roof.

He said: “I had only just finished it when it was taken.

“I hadn’t even had a chance to sit in it.”

However, after hearing about what happened to Jim, Ace Sheds fitted him a brand new tounge and groove, pressure treated, Apex shed on Monday.

Jim added: “I’m over the moon, it’s simply smashing. I’ve never been so grateful.

“It’s absolutely amazing.

“I’ll be able to sit in it in the summer and enjoy a cup of tea.”

Wayne Church, Manufacturing Director at Ace Sheds, said: "After hearing about Jim’s stolen shed we felt compelled to offer him a brand new building, for free.
"After all the effort and expense he put into repairing the shed that he inherited, it was the least he deserved.

“ Let’s hope Jim enjoys it for many years to come and gets as much pleasure out of it as he possibly can.”