Your garden shed gives you the perfect place to store everything from garden equipment, tools, compost, toys, bikes or even gym equipment.  Organising your shed may seem a daunting task, but we have some simple tips and tricks for organising your garden shed storage space. Once you are done you will thank us and you can be very proud of your work! 

As we approach autumn it is important to prepare your shed ahead of the cold months to come. Searches for shed storage ideas have increased by 78% over the past year, in light of this we’ve put together (with the help of storage experts on instagram) the top 8 storage ideas to help you prepare and utlise your shed space. 

1. Storage boxes

The logical first step for improving your sheds organisation is using storage boxes. Storage boxes come in a wide range of sizes and you can label them for easy identification of equipment and tools.

Talathy (@super_sorted), a queen of organisation said: “Clear plastic storage boxes are great for storage as you can easily see where your items are whilst protecting them from damp, dust, and insects”.

2. Classic tool wall

Creating a tool wall creates a staple piece in your shed that gives you easy access to all the tools you could need. To create a tool wall you need to arrange hooks for your tools to live on, and once you have decided how you would like them to be arranged you can draw a line around each tool so that you know where each goes. You can easily identify when a tool is missing or where one is with this technique - and it looks great at the same time!


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3. Pegboard

You can opt for a more flexible version of a tool wall by using a pegboard, these can adapt and change whilst you grow your tool collection in your shed. Pegboards are cheap and you can use the hooks to hang tools and baskets.

Janice (@sawdustsisters) highly recommends using pegboards, as they “help to organise tools and supplies in a way that is pretty and functional. The best part is you can learn how to put it up yourself in a few easy steps”. 


4. Jars

Jars that you may have in your kitchen can come in handy when organising your shed. Jars of any size can be useful, whether you need to store nails, screws, or fittings. Storing these in jars means you can keep them all together and out of the way of any curious children.

5. Lighting

Lighting may not help the organisation of your shed, but it will help you see what you are looking for. Sheds can get dark especially in the winter and there is nothing worse than bumping your head on a shelf because you were fumbling around in the dark. This could be a light fitting or a battery-operated light; both get the job done.

6. Look up

Your ceiling can be used for some extra storage in your shed. A strong and sturdy roof is essential for this as you need to ensure your shed is watertight and can take the extra weight. 

7. Shelves

Add some shelves to your shed to arrange your tools and equipment in your shed. Installing shelves is simple but effective, quickly saving you much-needed floor space in your shed. 


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8. Metal Shelving Unit

If you are not a fan of shelves, why not invest in a metal shelving unit? These are long-lasting, durable and an ideal way to organise your shed. These can also be easily moved around if you want to change the layout of your shed or use them in a garden office or man cave.