How To convert a shed into a salon

Ever since COVID-19 forced many industries including hair and beauty businesses to close their doors to the public during lockdown, many people have become creative in how and where they work. Hairdressers and stylists began offering their services by creating private salons in their homes or by creating a beauty salon in their garden shed. Despite the world beginning to move away from restriction, turning your garden shed into a beauty salon is still just as popular.

The salon shed trend actually began in the 2010s, before the pandemic, with many freelance stylists opting to convert their sheds into salons when they didn’t have the space in their houses. So what’s stopping you? Find out how to convert your shed into a salon today!

How to turn a shed into a salon

Before you begin transforming your shed into a salon, there are a few things to consider such as access to your shed, ventilation and electrical/water supply.

Access to your shed

Check that your shed location allows easy access, as you may not want to carry heavy salon objects to and from the bottom of your garden as you create your shed salon. You also want access to your shed salon to be as easy as possible for your clients, as some may have mobility issues and the last thing they would want is to have to walk across a muddy garden after their haircut, falling and damaging their pride and new look.


When working with hair dye and various other hair chemicals, good ventilation is crucial to the safety of yourself and your clients. Windows in your salon shed are essential to increasing ventilation. Shed ventilators can also be fitted, this not only helps disperse the chemicals from the products you are using but also disperses excess heat and prevents moist air; making your salon shed a much more pleasant place to spend time in for yourself and your clients.

Electricity and water supply

Electricity and water supply to your shed are crucial to running a shed salon with washing, drying and styling hair a daily occurrence. Having a shed that is close to your main property is advantageous for connecting your shed up to your electrical mains and water supply.

Shed salon ideas

Some essentials needed to help transform your shed into a salon include: eye-catching interior decoration with a calming vibe, mirrors, chairs, treatment bed, chair(s) for the waiting area, display units for products available for purchase, storage units for towels and products and accessories and maybe even an area to continue the relaxing treatment for 5 minutes before leaving perhaps with a herbal tea and magazine! Remember, you don’t want customers to feel like they are in a shed, be sure to offer them a full salon, relaxing experience they will remember.

Products and equipment

No salon is a salon without all the products and equipment required for treatments. Such products and equipment can be expensive so it is important that these are all stored safely and securely in your shed. Furthermore, some products contain chemicals which means they need to be stored in certain environments, you must make sure that your salon shed has appropriate storage for various types of products and that areas are heat proof for your hot equipment e.g hot wax, hairdryers and straighteners etc to be kept on.


Mirrors give your clients the opportunity to see what is happening to their hair from all angles, as well as brightening up your shed salon; making it appear more spacious, lighter and more inviting..


Homely features to help your clients feel relaxed including magazines for them to read during their treatments, music or even a television so they can watch their favourite show whilst waiting for their dye to set. Painting your shed to fit your salons aesthetic further adds to the clients experience and makes your workplace a nice place to spend time in; as it is your shed you can decorate it however you wish! 
To create a relaxing environment it’s a great idea to introduce plants, whether real or fake they create the same atmosphere. It also creates the idea of bringing the outside inside, which is a great shed salon idea especially as it is in your garden.

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