Planning, planning, planning

Planning your playhouse is the key to success. It’s important to understand what your children will use it for, as well as any design and construction elements you might need to consider. 

For example, if your child loves to read, you may want to include book storage as well as a comfy reading corner. On the other hand, if they’re a sports enthusiast you may want to equip your playhouse with storage for bats and balls or leave space for any table sports.

Here is a quick bullet point list of all the stages you need to consider planning your playhouse:

  • If you already have a shed, before you convert it into a playhouse you need to assess its quality.
  • Move all of your equipment out, and check for any damage, leaks, or mould.
  • Check that all the windows and doors are fully functional, can they be used safely by your children or do modifications need to be made.
  • If you do not have a shed, plan out where you want it to go and browse the variety of different garden sheds we have available.
  • Order your shed and enjoy free delivery when delivering to the South East of England (see further details).
  • We’ll install your shed in the location of your choice (providing a shed base is present!)
  • Begin converting your shed into a playhouse through decoration.


Assess the location and position of your current shed

Assess the location and position of your current garden shed as this can often determine whether it's suitable for a playhouse conversion or not.

The playhouse needs to be in an unobstructed area and positioned with easy viewing from the house for added peace of mind. Being close to the house also permits easy wiring of mains electricity if you decide you want the playhouse to be powered. 

We also recommend your playhouse be located in an area that the light reaches; having windows in your playhouse will let the light flood in to create an airy spacious feel. 

And on a more practical note, functioning windows will improve ventilation on a warm day whilst helping to minimise mould or damp from forming also.

Damp-proof your garden shed

Dampproofing your garden shed is vital for the longevity of your future playhouse. 

Whilst we cannot control the weather, we can help to protect your shed. A weathered shed often means weakened joints, warped wood and mould build up. 

Here is a quick list of the things you can do to weatherproof your shed:

  • Elevate your shed
  • Add a lick of waterproof paint
  • Add durable waterproof roof felt
  • Apply wood-based sealant to the shed walls
  • Ensure your shed is well ventilated all year round
  • Regularly inspect your shed for signs of wear and tear

Insulate the floor, ceiling and walls

Insulation will ensure your playhouse is usable all year round. 

Ways to insulate your shed floor:

  • Lay a water-resistant and breathable membrane directly on the floor
  • Lay a rug or section on top of the membrane
  • Install a false floor using non-flammable, expanded polystyrene and then place a layer of plywood on top

Ways to insulate your shed walls & ceilings:

  • Measure and staple sheets of bubble wrap to your shed walls & ceilings. Bubble wrap is not a suitable insulation material if you’re considering electric or heating in your playhouse.
  • Fit fibre wool between the shed panels and frames and secure into place using sheets of MDF.
  • Cut foil backed insulation boards to size and simply place them against your shed panels and secure them into place. Cover with MDF for a more aesthetically pleasing finish.

Add electricity

Having electricity in your playhouse furthers the possibilities, as lighting and gadgets can be installed with ease. Alternatively, battery-operated fairy lights can be used in the playhouse for the gloomier days. Or you can install a solar-powered lighting and power system, helping save the planet.

If you want electricity in the playhouse you may want to consider ensuring the playhouse is installed closer to the house for simpler installation and contacting a reputable electrician to complete the works.

Connecting to the Wifi

If your children have visions of film nights in their playhouse or a games den for friends to enjoy, more likely than not, you’ll need to ensure there's a good connection to the internet.

Ways to get internet to your playhouse:

  • Wifi Extender
  • Point-to-Point System
  • Ethernet Cabling
  • Powerline Networking



One of the most important things with your playhouse is the decorations, you can get the whole family involved and get your children stretching their imagination. After all, it is their space to play and express themselves.

Ideas for decorating your shed come playhouse:

  • Glitz your playhouse up with glitter paint
  • Add a splash of colour to the inside or outside of your shed!
  • Stencil names on the walls.
  • Name the playhouse and write its name on top of the door
  • Whiteboard or blackboard wall; great for keeping track of scores in games, and for doodling.
  • Rugs - this will help keep the playhouse warm and comfy, or a welcome mat that keeps dirt at bay.
  • Bunting, flags, or posters - liven up the walls with a personal touch.
  • Bean bags to sit on, these are easy to move around and maintain.
  • Add outdoor lighting like fairy lights and lanterns
  • Take comfort to the next level by adding blankets, cushions and throws
  • Don’t forget about furniture - add shelves, storage units, tables and chairs

Secure your playhouse

For an added element of security, you can install motion sensor lights in your garden and on the playhouse, this will help deter burglars and is especially useful if you want to keep anything of value in your playhouse. 

You can also install a lock on the front door of the playhouse, and on storage inside. We have an array of secure and durable shed locks which may be suitable for your playhouse.

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