1. Wifi Extender

One of the most efficient and cost effective ways to get internet access to your shed will be to use a wifi extender. 

Firstly, check whether your existing home wifi signal reaches your shed. Chances are it probably won’t be strong enough to reach your location outside, and if it does, it will most likely be a weak connection making it difficult for you to work effectively from your garden office. 

A Wifi extender can easily solve your weak internet connection issues by extending the reach of your wifi connection. It is important to remember a wifi extender isn’t designed to boost, strengthen or increase the speed of your wifi, simply just extend your wifi connection. 

They are a relatively cheap solution, starting from just £15 and are simply and easy to set up. Plug your wifi extender into a mains plug within your home that is located closer to your garden building than the main router. Wifi extenders are usually only effective within a range of approximately 30m. 
If your garden shed is further than 30m you may want to consider an alternative method as your wifi signal will deteriorate the further it has to reach or a point-to-point system.

2. Point-to-Point System

A point-to-point system is typically more reliable than wifi extenders, however, installation is more complex. Two units will need to be installed; one on the outside of your house and another on the garden shed. 

The unit which is attached to the outside of your property will need to be connected to your home network and is responsible for transmitting the signal to the unit attached to your garden shed.

Point-to-point offers far greater reach than wifi extenders so if you have a particularly large garden a point-to-point solution would be the best solution.

3. Ethernet Cabling

If you’re installing electricity in your garden building it would be worth considering installing an ethernet cable at the same time. 

An ethernet cable would provide the most reliable and secure way to get an internet connection to your garden shed. 

When installing an electric supply to your garden building, whilst laying your power cables also lay your ethernet cable. Once your ethernet cable is laid and accessible in your garden building, connect it to your wifi router or directly into your PC or laptop. 

4. Powerline networking

If you have an electrical supply to your garden shed, you can use a powerline network or adapter to get internet access with ease. 

One adapter will be connected to your mains and directly connected to your wifi router via the ethernet cable. The second adapter into your garden shed and directly connected to your laptop or PC via the ethernet cable or directly connected to your router via the ethernet cable to provide a wireless connection. 

These are the main solutions which offer a secure and effective solution to accessing an internet connection from your garden shed. This will not only allow you to work from home but also enjoy leisure activities as well. 

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