The Kingston Summerhouse

  • 12mm T&G Shiplap
  • TGV Floor and Roof
  • 4mm Toughened Glass
  • 65mm x 38mm Framing with Diagonal supports
  • Ridge Height 2300mm Inc Floor
  • Eaves Height 1950mm Inc Floor
  • Joinery Made Double Doors and Windows
  • 1 Side Window opening
  • Tyvec lined Side Walls
  • Double Joinery doors with a 3 lever Lock
  • Joinery Made Windows
  • 1 side Opening Window
  • 1ft Roof Overhang
  • 4mm Toughened Glass
  • Fully Pressure treated with Tanalith Extra E
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Width in feet
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The cladding is the material used to make up the body of the panels for our wooden structures. A greater depth of cladding will offer greater stability, durability and sturdiness. 

Tongue and groove refers to wooden panels which are seamlessly joined by means of interlocking ridges and hollows down their sides. 


  • Double Joinery doors with a 3 lever Lock
  • Joinery Made Windows
  • 1 side Opening Window
  • 1ft Roof Overhang
  • 4mm Toughened Glass
  • Fully Pressure treated with Tanalith Extra E

The latest in our summerhouse range. Originally built as a bespoke design for a design savvy customer, we felt The Kingston deserved to be the newest addition to our ever growing summerhouse range. Please Note: The Widest size is always at the front, i.e 10' x 8', 10' Front going back 8'.

Extremely spacious and well lit, with modern designed windows on front and sides, the Kingston Summerhouse is the perfect place to enjoy the summer on a warm day or evening. As with all of our outdoor buildings, this too is available in a range of sizes depending on your requirements.

Featuring double joinery doors and joinery-made windows, this really is a quality summerhouse, and looks the part too.

We only use the best quality slow-grown Red Spruce Timber from our partners in Sweden.
All of our timber has been penetrated with wood preservative to enhance protection in terms of the prevention of rot, decay and insect and fungal attack. If timber is left untreated, the quality can deteriorate rapidly over time as a result of exposure to the elements of weathering and moisture.
Despite the care we take in importing & Pressure treating the best timber possible, all timber is porous and therefore can absorb water, swell, shrink, crack and twist throughout its lifespan.

However, together we can help minimise these. These include:

  • Double Nailing
    We use Stainless Steel Nails double nailed in each board in each upright to help minimise movement and twisting
  • Uprights
    We use strong timber at close intervals to support the timber cladding.
  • Water Repellent Treatment
    You can customise the building with a colour of your choice or decide to keep it clear, but all cladding timber will need a water repellent treatment to help stop water penetration and moisture build-up. Moisture build-up will occur naturally especially during winter months and in some cases will cause dampness and mould. Water repellent treatment will help minimise this and if any mould occurs, this can normally be remidied by wiping clear with a mild bleach soultion and ventilating the building when possible.
  • Regular Maintenance
    Your Building should be reletively maintenance free, however as with everything it does need to be kept an eye on! When the building does move slightly throughout the year, doors and windows may need adjusting. Windows have been silicone sealed on manufacture but may need resealing if required.
    Dont be afraid to lubricate locks & hinges. Being out in the elements is a strain on all materials!
    Keep an eye on roofing materials. Felt will particuarly need keeping an eye on, although we provide a good quality material, felt again does contract and expand during the seasons and over time can tear and crack. Once this happens it is more likely the shed will start to leak. Therefore replacement will be necessary.
    Other roofing materials we offer do offer some sort of warranty, so if you feel your building is leaking from the roof, please get in touch for advice.

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