The UK-based shed supplier has analysed thousands of posts on Instagram to track the top shed trends in the last week and which are likely to grow in popularity for 2021. 

  1. Man Cave - 1.63m posts 
  2. She Shed - 153.5k posts 
  3. Potting Shed - 52.2k  posts
  4. Garden Office - 37.4k posts
  5. Wendy House - 17.6k posts
  6. Pub Shed - 9.8k posts 
  7. Garden Workshop - 4.1k posts 
  8. Craft Shed - 3.1k posts 

It comes as recent stats on Google Trends show a 50% rise in people for searching for ‘garden sheds’ between April 2020 and October 2020 compared to the same time last year. 

Searches for ‘man cave’ is also up a massive 265%, ‘pub shed’ rose by 75% whilst ‘garden office’ has seen a 7% increase. 

Scott Church, Director at Ace Sheds, said: "With many of us spending more time at home than ever before, there has never been a better time for people to invest in their garden space and living environments.

"It's easy to see why ‘man cave’, ‘garden office’ and ‘pub shed’ are seeing so many posts on Instagram, especially as there has been a surge in Google searches for them.

"People’s lives have changed, and continue to do so, in light of the coronavirus pandemic and national lockdowns.

"More people are spending time at home and looking at ways to recreate their office life, their local pub or a place to find some solace.

“Sheds are special, they connect us to the outside world and provide us with that little bit of extra space to cater to our individual needs.” 

Create the ultimate gaming shed

1. #mancave - 1,631,310 posts



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Transform your shed into a ‘she shed’ sanctuary

2. #sheshed - 153,521 posts


Pretty your potting shed and get green-fingered

3. #pottingshed - 52,218 posts

Create a functional home office space

4. #gardenoffice - 37,418 posts


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Create the perfect wendyhouse

5. #wendyhouse - 17,698 posts

The new ‘going out out’

6. #pubshed - 9,866 posts

Have your very own workshop in your garden

7. #gardenworkshop - 4,107 posts

Get crafty! 

8. #craftshed - 3,117 posts