For the shed novice, choosing a shed can be a difficult decision to make, especially when you aren’t sure what particular shed you’re looking for and what features would be best suited to you and your shed's purpose.

Ace Sheds have created a guide to help you understand the difference between shed types and which shed would be the most appropriate for you.

What is a pent shed?

Pent Shed A pent shed features a single sloping roof. The highest point of the roof is located on the same side as the door. 

 Our popular Essex Pent Shed is a perfect representation of a standard pent shed. 

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What is a reverse pent shed?

Reverse Pent Shed

A reverse pent shed is the same design as a pent shed whereby the roof is a single sloping roof, however, it is reversed. The highest point of a reverse pent shed's roof is located on the opposite side of the door. 

Our reverse Essex pent shed is a prime example of a reverse pent shed. From the image, you can see the highest point of the shed is at the back with a sloping direction towards the front of the shed where the door is positioned. 

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What is an apex shed?

Apex ShedAn apex shed, or an apex roof features two sloping sides that meet down the middle, along the entire length of the garden shed. 

Our most popular shed is our Kent Apex Pressure Treated Garden Shed. This shed perfectly represents the formation of an apex shed and its two sloping sides.

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What is a reverse apex shed?

Reverse Apex ShedA reverse apex shed is the same design as an apex shed but reversed. On a reverse apex shed the two sloping sides which meet in the middle along the length of the shed, will slope down towards the front and back of the wooden shed rather than either side (as with a standard apex shed). 

Our London signal workshop shows a reverse apex roof in action.

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What is a potting shed?

Potting ShedA potting shed is an outdoor building used to pot plants and vegetables, as well as to store outdoor garden tools and equipment. Potting sheds are often used in comparison to greenhouses. Potting sheds feature a large sloping window made of thin glass or plastic, to allow heat and light to travel through. Warmer temperatures inside a potting shed will encourage plant and vegetable growth whilst also providing protection from weather damage such as the cold, frost or wind. 

Potting sheds should be positioned so they're south-facing to allow for plenty of sunlight to flood through. What’s more, potting sheds offer better insulation than greenhouses meaning it’s possible to continue growing fruits, vegetables and plants in the winter months.

The three wooden sides of a potting shed allow for storage space, for example, adding hooks or shelving units to store garden tools and equipment. 

Our Windsor Garden Potting Shed is the perfect example of a standard potting shed. 

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What is a shiplap shed?

Shiplap Shed

A shiplap shed is distinguished by its ‘shiplap cladding’. Shiplap cladding is similar in appearance to tongue and groove sheds which feature interlocking timber boards; shiplap cladding, however, features a recess cut into the edge of the wooden boards, allowing them to overlap slightly. 

This cladding option means your shed is protected from all-weather conditions, ensuring rainwater can run off effectively whilst also offering a secure, durable and reliable storage solution or garden room.  

Our Berkshire Pent Shed is an example of how shiplap cladding has been expertly-crafted to create an attractive, yet substantial outdoor building.

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What is an overlap shed?

Overlap ShedAn overlap shed is distinguished as having overlapping timber boards. Overlap sheds are predominately considered the easiest and the cheapest sheds to construct in comparison to shiplap sheds and tongue and groove sheds. 

Overlapping timber boards allow for rainwater to easily run off whilst also allowing the boards to shrink and expand as a direct result of weathering without warping occurring. 

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What is a corner shed?

Corner ShedCorner sheds have been designed to maximise the corner space of your outdoor areas. Designed and manufactured to sit directly in a corner position featuring a wide front for easy access into your timber outdoor building. 

Our Winchester Corner Shed perfectly demonstrates how corner sheds are the ideal way to optimise a corner of your garden without losing too much outdoor space. 

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