With it being National Shed Week, now is the best time to transform your garden shed. 

We might not all have the imagination or creativity to transform our wooden sheds, but with a few tips and tricks, your lifeless old shed and can be your garden wow factor.

By simply adding colour, accessories and garden furniture, you can instantly revamp your shed to become a much-loved space.

1. The Rule of Three

Most interior lovers will know about the rule of three. For those of you who don’t, interior designers suggest arranging things in groupings of three or any odd number, as this creates greater appeal, memorability and is more attractive to the eye. Using three colours when decorating your garden shed, for example, creates another dimension to space. Now, we don’t mean just painting your garden shed using three different hues; by introducing colours in a multitude of ways beyond the natural shade of the shed - from artwork to furniture – there are plenty of ways you can subtly or not so subtly introduce colour. 

2. Enhance the exterior of your shed

You can refresh your garden shed by simply modifying the exterior, there is no need for a complete makeover (especially where time and budget are involved). By simply painting the exterior wood in a neutral colour, e.g.: white, cream or sage, you can create an instant warmth that isn’t too outlandish. What’s more, by adding flowerpots and garden furniture to the outside, you can create an inviting space that is both vibrant and friendly. 

3. Pick a theme

Pick a clear theme which is in line with your personality and likes, be it: shabby chic, the ‘apres-ski’ vibes, simplistically Scandinavian or American diner. By giving yourself a clear direction through a chosen theme, you’re more likely to complete your shed transformation sooner rather than later. This will also aid style choices when accessorising with the later, finer details.

4. Make the most of your internal space

We often forget that garden sheds can be used for an array of purposes, including a storage solution, garden office, relaxation space and children’s play area etc. By making a few internal changes to your shed, you can make your outdoor building unique to you. For instance, the addition of cabinets, shelving, storage boxes, peg rail organisers and functional lighting, creates an immediate storage space.
Or, if a child-friendly area is what you are looking for, add carpet or laminate flooring and a lick of vibrant paint to the internal walls. And to accessorise: decorate with bunting, posters, fairy lights and chalkboards etc.

5. Recycle or up-cycle

Revamping your garden shed doesn’t have to be expensive – recycling and/or up-cycling is a popular way to refresh your outdoor structure. By adding a lick of paint to old furniture, it can look brand new again! You can also recycle furniture; start by going to the charity shops or car boot sales to find some bargain steals.

Past ‘Shed of the Year’ Winners

Let’s take a look back at past ‘Shed of the Year’ winners and see how we can take inspiration from their quirky wooden builds: 

2017 – The Mushroom Shed

The 2017 competition winner was the ‘Mushroom Shed’, designed for a 12-year-old girl. The garden shed replicates a mushroom structure; the stem features a slim desk and a wooden staircase leading to the main body of the shed. Once upstairs, you’re greeted by a spacious living area (as sheds go) featuring stained glass windows and a partial glass floor looking down over the running stream below. What’s more, there is the added benefit of a skylight window, allowing plenty of light to flood through. 

The shed has been manufactured using red western cedar and cedar shingles on the roof. 

Visit readersheds.co.uk to see images of the Mushroom Shed - 2017 Winner

2016 – West Wing

The ‘West Wing’ shed has journeyed through an 8-year build, composed solely from recycled materials. Broken into three sections, the shed features a loft space for relaxation, a secret bookcase and a workshop for storage/DIY. 

Visit readersheds.co.uk to see images of The West Wing - 2016 Winner

2015 – Inshriach Distillery 

After a two year DIY stint, this dilapidated hen house has been transformed into the ‘Inshriach Distillery’, boasting a farm shop, ladies room, saloon bar and distillery. 

The distillery has been created from new and salvaged materials, including sash windows from a previous property, cupboards from other projects and doors and furniture from tip finds.

Visit readersheds.co.uk to see images of Inshriach Distillery - 2015 Winner

2014 – Allotment Roof Shed

This allotment roof shed is doing a great job of providing ‘two for the price of one’. Rather than sacrificing an allotment to make room for a shed, this clever own utilised their garden space to its fullest potential by elevating the plot. 
The shed has a number of purposes: from a workshop to music room, to art studio. The allotment grows everything from potatoes to mange tout and garlic.  
This multi-purpose shed has been built from mostly recycled materials, including used aluminium windows, old carpet, wood offcuts and old tyres. 

Visit readersheds.co.uk to see images of the Allotment Roof Shed - 2014 Winner

2013 – Boat Roofed Shed

This boat-roofed shed is just that, featuring a clinker-built boat as a roof. This shed has also been made from completely recycled materials but also sports ‘mod cons’ including 3 pairs of ultra-brite L.E.D. lights and a 12v sound system. 

Visit readersheds.co.uk to see images of the Boat Roofed Shed - 2013 Winner

If you’re interested in creating a garden shed good enough to be this years ‘Shed of the Year’ or you’re looking to add a wow factor to your garden, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we can generate a garden building that will be totally unique to you.