Dog grooming shed ideas

If we’ve learned anything from the last two years, it’s to appreciate the little things in life such as how important our pets are, the importance of finding something we love doing, and that working from home can definitely be a success story.

As we’ve spent more time with our four-legged friends lately, the pet industry is really thriving. So what better time to embrace the world of dog grooming? And better yet, from the comfort of your shed.

As a family-run business of three decades ourselves, we’re going to share 9 exciting ideas on converting a shed into a dog grooming salon.

#1 Location, location, location

Picking which corner of the garden to position your shed conversion has got to be first on your to-do list. Remember, you’re going to want to have a power supply and running water set up, so make sure you’re not too far from your house. Setting up everything in-shed means not having to run back-and-forth from your house - saving on time and energy!

We also recommend making sure you’re not facing or backing onto a busy path or road - dogs to be easily distracted by strange noises in a new place!

#2 Ace your space

Here’s the great news, using our customisation tool, we can build the bespoke shed to specifically fit your garden and work with your dog grooming shed ideas, whatever the size and from scratch, right here in the UK. As with any dog grooming shed, keep in mind that dogs really do come in all shapes and sizes. From cocker spaniels to collies, you’ll want to leave enough space to comfortably install grooming tables and bathing stations.

Our larger sheds for business use, like the Croydon Workshop, make for a great super-spacious starting point. And even on our largest sheds, we’ve got the finance option to turn your dream into a reality so easily

#3 First impressions count

A pampered premises means pampered pooches, and we’re confident our UK-built sheds are going to be as well-groomed as the dogs. Your garden is at risk to all the elements throughout the year, you only need to ask your dog how messy, wet and cold the garden can get!o So it is highly important that your shed conversion remains in the best condition all year round!

Our pressure-treated timber has been blasted with the preservatives to repel the unpredictable British weather and wildlife alike, so you can be sure your dog grooming shed will keep its colour and quality for years to come. It’s a quality, sustainable slow-grown European timber which for every shed built is replaced by planting a new sapling

Why not top up our super-tough timber by painting a paw-print pattern finish? Just don’t forget your wood protectant.

#4 Under lock and key

We’re big on making our sheds as secure as possible, and any dog grooming shed conversion is going to be packed with expensive specialist equipment. Our Squire KeyBolt uses a 4 Lever lock mechanism to protect your pooch-pampering possessions and is completely weatherproof – so no rust.

We also recommend installing storage units inside for your equipment, which our trusty padlocks will guarantee even more protection for.

#5 Let the light in

We all like a room with a view, so our sheds offer plenty of natural light for both you and your four-legged clients. Nothing like watching the world go by when you’re having your coat curled. It’s also really easy to fit blinds and curtains for the summer afternoons when none of us want to be stuck in fur.

It also makes for a beautiful, airy and inviting finish to pet owners who might be a little nervous dropping their dogs off for the first time. Put a sense of home into working from home.

#6 Don’t wait, insulate

And for the colder months, insulating couldn’t be easier! We recommend thermal foil insulation (which all our sheds are pre-treated for) and keep yourself, your dogs and their humans toasty. See our tips for insulating your shed, or contact us directly.

This also helps to prevent mold growing, which isn’t a good look for your clean environment, fresh towels or chew toys.
And best of all? Insulating is great for sound-proofing, which also means it’s bark-proof! Your neighbours will thank you later!

#7 Create a canine calm

As well as picking a calm location, take advantage of how easy it is to set up power in your shed conversion. We love the idea of setting up a sound system to play something soothing, or even better, let their owners drop in their favourite mixtape to play. Remember, all our summerhouse setups can be tailored to create the perfect relaxing vibe - whether for people or pets.

And check out our tips for setting up internet in-shed.

#8 Flexible finance

We know how daunting starting a business can be, especially in uncertain times (but we promise it’s worth it!) It’s why our finance is so flexible to get you through those first few months with ease, allowing you to start paying only once your shed has arrived.

#9 We’ll do the leg-work

When setting up a business premises, safety is paramount - it’s why we’re SSIP Approved. So be sure to take advantage of our free installation process by our expert team. We’ll make sure your dog grooming shed conversion protects both people and pets. Because when your time is better spent nailing everything from colour schemes to bookings and marketing, we make sure your workspace is ready to pay off all your hard work.

You can even find out if you qualify for free delivery using our checker.

Ace your new dog grooming shed

So now you know how to get started on converting a shed into a dog grooming salon, there’s nothing stopping you taking the next step and kick-starting your business.

As south-east Kent’s leading shed manufacturer and supplier, our 30 years’ experience in running Ace Sheds means we know exactly how important it is to get off to a strong start.

From bespoke designs, to fitting your shed and answers to all your aftercare questions, you’ll be shampooing shih-tzus and trimming toy poodles in no time!

Want to know why our customers love us? We’re proud to be Trustpilot approved, and we’re always happy to hear from you, wherever you are on your journey to creating your work from home environment just that little bit easier!

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