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11 x 9 Premium Treated Sheds

Our range of Premium Treated Sheds offers some of the finest household custom made sheds with 100% pressure treated timber offering sublime protection all year round. No matter what the season, your premier treated shed from Ace Sheds will withstand the elements with additional water repellent, helping your shed stay young for years to come. From corner sheds to security sheds, our pressure treated sheds offer a style and design that will fit perfectly in your garden. 


We have over 10 Premium Treated Sheds at current, but always look to add to our line of creations. With the help of your imagination, we are satisfied they'll be plenty more additions to this wonderful range at Ace Sheds.

What’s more, all of our premier treated sheds come with periodic ironmongery and high quality green mineral, made from top grade Swedish timber. Contact us today by email or call us on the above number.

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