Log Stores

A log store is ideal for any season or any weather, in order to store logs safely and appropriately, ensuring that your logs can be used on the fire regardless of the weather.

For example, you might not want to keep logs in the house as they clutter up the place, as well as making a mess on the floor. You might not have somewhere appropriate to store them, hence a log store is a great idea where you can keep logs outdoors and ready for use on the fire, whilst allowing them to maintain their freshness.

Of course, storing logs outdoors is sometimes not a great idea, especially in the winter when the rain will make the logs simply unusable on the fire - they won't burn at all. A log store therefore allows the wood to stay fresh and dry and usable whenever you need it.

Wooden Log Storage CabinAt Ace Sheds, we sell log stores in an array of sizes for use in the garden - somewhere to stash away any logs you'll want to use later on - whether to put them on the fire or whatever you need to use your logs for.

If you're looking for a log store for your garden - in a variety of sizes - take a look at our Wooden Log Storage Cabin and see what you think.


Other Storage Options

For other garden storage, or an alternative version of a log store, we also sell a range of Garden Tidys - a range which, as the name suggests, allows to keep the garden tidy with a range of storage options. Take a look at our range of garden storage products by visiting our Garden Tidy's page.