Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about our Garden Sheds and Buildings

Why are our Garden Buildings, optional extras, upgrades and services cheaper than all of our competitors?
  • We do not use expensive Garden Centres for show sites
  • We do not need additional staff to man these sites
  • We do not need to pay fees or commissions to these Garden Centres
  • We do not over charge for optional extras
  • We do not overcharge for upgrades
  • We do not overcharge for alterations
  • Our overheads are lower

We purchase our bulk wood supplies well in advance to secure the best prices. As you can see, there are many ways in making savings where the cost doesn't have to be passed to our customers without compromising quality. If you would like to see our products before you buy, come and visit us at our site just outside Ashford, Kent where we have up to 12 buildings ranging from 6 x 4 - 16 x 10 all showing the majority of our options and upgrades available.

Why are our Garden Buildings more expensive than Internet based companies?

Basically our Garden Buildings are far superior than the ones you can buy from Internet based Companies. We try our hardest to show our quality and high class service via our website but we also do have a show site at our factory in Kent for you to come and see our quality and we highly recommend it.

Tips to look out for:

  • Panels in sections - This reduces the overall strength of the building, although this may seem a great idea to get into your garden (and sometimes this is what we have to do because of access) it is always best to have the building in the biggest sizes possible.
  • Heights - Companies cut costs by lowering height.
  • Framing - Companies cut costs by using thin frame work
  • Cladding - Companies cut cost by using thin Cladding (Some companies show 'nominal' sizes, this means the size of the timber BEFORE machining, meaning you get a thinner cladding)
  • Doors - Have a look at the pictures, if you don't see diagonal supports on the inside then the door will drop with the weight of the door fairly quickly.
  • British - Most companies buy in Garden buildings from abroad, we manufacture all our buildings in Ashford, Kent.
  • Your Building your choice - As above we manufacture our own buildings meaning you can choose your size, how many windows, position and many other items as per your choice. All other buildings are stock items you cant change.
  • Treatment - All of our buildings have Pressure Treated cladding as standard and we are one of the only companies who use a built-in water proofer in our cladding, meaning you don't need to treat your building for many years to come.
What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to most of the South East from our depot in Ashford, Kent. However, some areas we do have to make a charge for delivery due to the distance from Ashford and yourselves. This is clearly displayed on our map on the delivery page. Also see our delivery page for Postcode areas covered.

If you do not see your postcode mentioned, please contact us on Ashford (01233) 822042 to see if we are able to and to give you a fixed price for doing so.  

How long will it take for delivery?

We aim to deliver your shed to you as soon as possible. However, you should expect delivery and installation times from 4 - 6 weeks from ordering. Please ask BEFORE ordering if your timescale is different. We are not in the habit of taking your money and giving delivery dates that we cannot keep to!

How much is delivery?

Delivery is Free - £48.00 (Within our standard delivery areas.) See Postcodes on the delivery page
Delivery is based on one person delivering to your nearest access point (front of house) to your premises. It is the customers responsibility to inform us of any problems regarding delivery.

What is the standard cladding supplied within the basic price?

Our standard T & G Cladding is 12mm thick after machining. We can however, offer a thicker 15mm T & G Shiplap  at very competitive rates. See individual products and sizes for prices. 

Is a floor included in the basic price and what is it made from?

All our buildings with the exception of the garage come complete with a floor. The basic construction of our floors and roofs are O S B Boarding. (PEFC Waterproof board) We can also offer double thickness on top of standard flooring to give 22mm thick and T & G Wooden floors on most of our buildings at very competitive prices. See individual products and sizes for price. REMEMBER: IF you opt for the 100% Pressure Treatment Option, you automatically receive a T & G Roof and Floor.

Are the buildings treated before delivery?

Yes, before manufacture, all timber is fully pressure treated for woodworm and dry rot. Our pressure treatment also has a built-in water proofer making it the most maintenance friendly building in the U.K. If you choose our premium range, the floors and roofs are fully pressure treated too. Our standard range come with a. O.S.B Roof & floor, these are not pressure treated as they are a man made board, however these will not need treatment and the battens attached are fully pressure treated. NOTE - RONSEAL WOODLAND TRUST COLOUR OPTION ARE FOR DIY TREATMENT ONLY AND WILL BE SUPPLIED TO YOU IN A CAN FOR SELF TREATMENT

Do I have to, or can I add additional treatment to a Pressure Treated building?

Our pressure treated sheds are treated with Tanalith Extra E (with added water repellent) so additional treatments should not be needed. However, all wooden products may need further treatment after a time based on different factors including location of shed (north/south facing) etc. As this type of treatment is forced into the wood at the treatment stage, it becomes "locked into the wood" and therefore cannot be removed. You can go over this with most standard treatments if you want to enhance or change its colour.

Does the type and size of shed determine how many windows i will get as standard?

In a word, Yes! Depending on the size of building, type of building and where the door is positioned, (especially on the Pent Ranges), will determine how many windows as standard you will get in your shed. For Example: A 6 x 4 Kent Apex Shed will have 1 Window but a 10 x 8 Kent Apex will have 3 Windows. All windows are 2 x 2" Square and are fixed as standard. Opening windows can be purchased via the Building Extras Link. Some small sheds like the 6 x 4 Guildford or the 6 x 4 Essex Pent with the I Position Door configuration will get windows 18 x 24" or what is able to be fitted into the space.

Do I need a base to sit my shed on?

One of the most important factors in purchasing a new garden building is to ensure you take the time to prepare an adequate base for the shed to sit on. It should be level, flat and of solid construction which will support the floor bearers of the shed throughout and give it a solid foundation. One of the most common factors in the premature demise of a garden building is that the base was not adequate for the building. PLEASE REMEMBER THE BASE SIZE YOU REQUIRE SHOULD BE AT LEAST THE SAME SIZE AS THE SHED ORDERED OR LARGER. See building a shed base in our news section. 

What should I construct the base from?

There are various ways to construct an adequate base catering for all budget levels.They can be a:

Concrete Base 

Paving Slab Base

Bearer Base

Sleeper Base

In ALL cases, the base should be as level and flat as possible to ensure good fitting of the building. Please ask if you are unsure.

Visit Secrets Of Shed Building for more information on Shed Foundations.

Is the shed a metric size?

All of our sheds are an imperial size. e.g. 8x6 size is 8' x 6'. If you require a metric shed or a particular size, dont forget, we can make this for you to order.

I have found a style I like but you don't do the size I want, do you make different sizes?

You will see in the individual product pages that we have catered for most common sizes asked for. In the unlikely event that the size you require is not readily available, we can make any size you require to order, even if it is for example 5ft 7" x 9ft 4"!

How do I determine the size of building I require?

The easiest way to determine what size building you require is to measure the area you are looking at putting the building with the following factors in mind.

Allow room all around the shed (at least 1ft) for roof overhangs and maintainance. Remember that the shed size is the floor footprint and DOES NOT include the cladding or roof overhangs.

If the shed is going into a gap remember to allow for roof overhangs.

Do I require planning permission?

As long as your building is not more than 2.5m high within 2m of a neighbours boundary, then you are within current planning laws. If your building is 4m or more from a neighbours boundary, then you can have up to 4m high. It is however advisable and is the customers responsibility to check before ordering and delivery that the planning for your particular area and current laws are adhered to. Ace Sectional Buildings Ltd are in no way responsible for giving or checking planning laws for individual customers and all of the above is given as a guide only. 

How easy are the buildings to erect?

All of our buildings are easy to erect. If you have basic DIY skills, a electric screwdriver, saw, hammer and a Stanley knife, then you are 3/4 of the way there. We supply basic instructions with our sheds and our delivery drivers can explain and show you all you need to know. Everything from screws to galvanised felt nails are supplied. We do also have a erection service at very competitive rates.

When do we have to pay for our shed?

Payment for your new building must be made in full around 3 - 5 days before the delivery date. If we cannot get in touch with you to do this, we reserve the right to postpone the delivery date until we can attain your commitment and payment. This is the time when your building will be in production and therefore we require payment for it. If you place an order online, you will have to pay via Sage pay at the checkout.


How is my Credit Card payment taken?

Online payments are made via Sage Pay to process all of our Credit Card Transactions. This is a well known, safe and protected on-line merchant.

Card payments made over the phone are processed using an HSBC terminal facility. No Credit Card details are stored or kept by Ace Sectional Buildings Ltd after the transaction has been processed.

How does the building come delivered?

We will deliver your shed in sections on Mercedes Sprinter 3500kg vans. Please bare in mind that free deliveries are worked logistically taking into consideration areas and deliveries and therefore preferences cannot be guaranteed. Buildings are delivered in sections to your nearest access point by a single delivery driver. If this is likely to be an issue or If you need to know sizes of panels for access purposes, please let us know at the time of ordering. 

Do I have to check access?

Access is one of the biggest problems that can cause customers problems without forward thinking or planning. Our building sizes, (Length, Width & Height) are on our website, so please check if you can get the building to the site of installation. If you are unsure of panel sizes, please ask us. BEWARE: If we are unable to deliver and/or erect your shed because of access issues, you will be liable to pay again for a re charge at the standard rates of delivery and installation.