Frequently Asked Questions

Your shed buying questions answered

What is the estimated delivery time? 

Our ultimate goal is to deliver your shed as soon as possible. Our deliveries and installations take approximately 4-6 weeks from the moment you order with Ace Sheds.  If you’re in need of a quicker delivery time or a speedy installation, please contact one of our expert team members and we will try our utmost to arrange this for you. We aim to build a truthful and honest relationship with our customers, our first-class delivery service included.


What is the delivery charge?


Delivery costs range from free of charge to £48.00 depending on your address and postcode. To see if you’re eligible for free delivery please check our delivery page for more information. Our delivery charge is based on one person delivering to the nearest access point for your chosen delivery address.


What areas do we deliver to?


Our delivery areas include most of the South East areas surrounding our depot in Ashford, Kent. Our delivery page provides a detailed account including a full map and listing of the specific locations we deliver to, the delivery charges applicable by postcode and those eligible for free delivery. If you do not see your postcode listed then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01233 822042.


Your garden building are more expensive than others I’ve come across online, why is that?


We pride ourselves on offering garden buildings that are high quality and provide customers with assurance. We try our best to portray that online and in our show room where you can see the manufacturing process yourself.


To ensure our sheds provide optimum durability and security, we manufacture from the highest quality materials. We want to assure our customers that expense is not spared when it comes to manufacturing your garden building, from pressure treatment to the panels and doors. We locally manufacture your outdoor buildings and sheds, so our customers can expect a great standard of production by experts who take pride and passion in their work. In our eyes, you can’t put a price on sustainability and quality.


Tips to look out for:
  • Panels in sections: This reduces the overall strength of the building.
  • Height: Often outer buildings lower in height are cheaper in price.
  • Framing: A thin framework is often used as a cheaper alternative.
  • Cladding: Thin cladding is used to save costs.
  • Doors: Ensure there is diagonal supports on the inside of the door to support the weight sufficiently to prevent dropping.
  • British: Most of online competitors source their garden buildings from abroad.
  • Bespoke options: Is there a bespoke option to create your own unique outdoor building?
  • Treatment: Are online companies providing pressure treatment and/or built-in waterproofer cladding for longevity and durability?


What is the standard cladding supplied within the basic price?


The standard cladding used on our high quality sheds is our T&G cladding that is 12mm thick after machining. We also offer the thicker size of 15mm T&G Shiplap at a competitive rate. For more information, such as pricing and type, see individual product listings.


Is a floor included in the basic price and what is it made of?


Every building we make comes complete with a floor, with the exception of the garage. Our floors and roofs are constructed from O S B Boarding which is a PEFC waterproof board. We also offer double thickness on top of the standard flooring which is 22mm thick, or customers can opt for T&G Wooden Floors as another alternative.


For more information on pricing for additional flooring, please visit individual product pages. If you opt for the 100% pressure treatment option for your garden building, then you automatically receive a T&G Roof and Floor.


Are the outer buildings treated before delivery?


All our buildings are pressure treated for woodworm and dry rot before manufacture. This pressure treatment also includes a built-in waterproofer making it the most maintenance friendly building in the U.K.


Customers which purchase our premium sheds, can have peace of mind knowing the floor and roof of their shed has already been pressure treated prior to purchase. Our standard sheds are manufactured using man-made boards which do not require pressure treatment, however the battens attached to the shed have been fully pressure treated.


Please note - Ronseal Woodland Trust colour option are for DIY treatment only, and will be supplied to you in a can for self treatment.


Do I have to, or can I add additional treatment to a pressure treated building?


All our pressure treated sheds are treated with Tanalith Extra E with added water repellent which means it is not necessary to give any additional treatments unless required. After a period of time all wooden products may need extra treatment depending on the climate and various factors including the location of the shed (north/south facing). The treatment we provide prior to purchase becomes ‘locked into the wood’ and therefore cannot be removed, we suggest using standard treatments if you want to enhance or change the colour of your shed.


For information please visit our Pressure Treatment page.


Does the type and size of shed determine how many windows I will get as standard?


Yes, the type, size and positioning of your shed door (especially on pent ranges) will determine how many windows will be included as standard.


For example: The Kent Apex Shed at 6 x 4 will include 1 window but a 10 x 8 will include 3 windows. All windows that are included are 2 x 2" square and are fixed as standard. If you would like an extra opening window, those can be purchased in the Building Extras link on the product pages.


Do I need a base to sit my shed on?


Yes, this would be ideal. It is important that customers take the time to prepare a substantial base for their new garden building to be placed on.  


The based should be:
  • Flat
  • Level
  • A solid construction


It is important your base meets the above requirements as the solid construction will support the floor bearers and provide a solid foundation. We do not recommend customers sit their shed on areas which have not been adequately prepared as your shed will not be durable or sustainable in the long-term.


Please note - the base for your shed should be at least the same size or larger than the shed ordered.


For more information on how to build a shed base, read our article on Building a Shed Base - the perfect guide to building your own shed base.


What should I construct the base from?


Bases can be made from various materials but the most common and adequate ones are:
  • Concrete
  • Paving slab
  • Bearer
  • Sleeper base


These materials range from low to high cost so you can choose the most suitable materials to match your budget. Most importantly when picking a base, be sure that it is level and flat to ensure the stability of your garden building. If you are unsure please contact us to find out more.

Is the shed a metric size?


All of our sheds are manufactured to an imperial size, e.g. 8’x6’. If you’re looking for a metric size shed, we manufacture bespoke, custom-made sheds that are tailored to your needs.


I have found a style I like but you don't do the size I want; do you make different sizes?


We cater for the most common sizes, so hopefully you won’t face this problem! In the unlikely event that you’re after a unique size that isn’t readily available, please contact our team to find out more about the bespoke options available to you.

How do I determine the size of the building I require?


The best way to determine the size of outer building you require is to measure the area you’re looking to position your building.


We recommend considering the following factors:
  • Allow 1 ft of room around the entire circumference for roof hangings and maintenance.
  • Remember the shed size is the floor footprint and DOES NOT include the cladding or roof overhangs.


Do I require planning permission?


Planning permission for garden buildings varies significantly on the type and size of the building you would like. Your building must be no higher than 2.5m high and must not be within 2m of a neighbour's boundary to abide by current planning laws. If you plan on having your building 4m from the neighbour's boundary, then you can have a building that is 4m high. Please check with your local laws on planning to be sure before anything is done.


Please Note - Ace Sectional Buildings Ltd is not responsible for giving or checking planning laws for individual customers.


How easy are the buildings to erect?


Each of our garden buildings are easy to erect. If you have the basic DIY tools including an electric screwdriver, saw, hammer and a Stanley knife then you’re most of the way there. All our garden buildings come with basic instructions and we supply you with screws to galvanised felt nails. Our delivery drivers are also on hand with expert knowledge to explain anything you need to know.
If you would rather we erect your outer building, we offer an erection service at a competitive rate so please feel free to contact us for more information.


When do we have to pay for our shed?


We ask for the full payment of your new building around 3-5 days before the delivery date. If the payment is not made and we cannot contact you, the delivery may be postponed to a later date until we obtain the payment. Usually, around this time, the building will be in the production stage which therefore requires payment before we carry on. If you place an order online then you will need to pay upon check out via Sage pay.


How is my credit card payment taken?


Credit card payments are made via Sage Pay if you ordered from us online which processes all credit card transactions safely. It is a trusted method that provides safe transactions . However, if the payment is made by phone then you are processed using an HSBC terminal facility. All credit card transactions are made safely and no credit card details are kept by Ace Sheds after the transactions have been processed.


How will my outer building be delivered?


All our outer buildings are delivered in sections to the nearest access point via a Mercedes Sprinter 3500 kg van by a single delivery driver. For accessibility purposes, if you would like to know the sizes of panels please lets us know at the time of ordering so we can provide this information prior to delivery.


Do I have to check access?


Before we deliver your required garden building it is imperative that you do check access to where you would like to place your shed or garden building.


We often experience issues with be able to access the desired shed position due to it being in a tight space. We recommend that you check their product page of your purchased outer building to ensure we can get the building to the site of installation.


Please note - unfortunately, if we are unable to deliver and/or erect your shed because of access issues, customers are liable to pay again for a re-charge at the standard rate of delivery and installation.  We will work with you to answer any of your questions regarding delivery.