It wasn’t too long ago that a customer requested if we could deliver and install an Ace shed and dispose of the cheap shed that they recently purchased. 

Customers are often propelled to opt for cheaper alternatives when it comes to investing in garden sheds. Sheds can be an expensive purchase, however, the price often reflects the quality and longevity of said wooden shed. 

We know ourselves how price can often be a determining factor in our purchase decision, especially when we don’t have money growing off trees in the back garden (we can all dream!). That being said, we also don’t like having to re-buy the same or a similar item because the first item we purchased didn’t live up to the quality or standards we expected! And after we’ve done all that, we’ve spent more time, money and effort than if we had invested properly in the first instance!  

That’s why we always encourage customers to invest in a quality garden shed, even if it is worth a few extra pennies. 

Now, we might be biased, but we pride our garden sheds on being nothing less than premium quality.

With an Ace shed you can expect: 
•    100% pressure treated timber: All of our sheds are manufactured from pressure treated timber which has been treated with TANALISED®E. Pressure treatment ensures that your shed is protected against harsh weathering which causes rot and decay.  
•    Tongue & groove roof & floor included: All of our outdoor buildings feature a tongue and groove roof and floor which is built to withstand the test of time. If you have an alternative idea about the flooring or roof type for your garden shed, please don’t hesitate to enquire and we will try and accommodate. 
•    High quality polyester green mineral felt: Our outdoor garden buildings include a standard high quality polyester green mineral felt which aims to protect the roof of your shed from weathering. We also offer heavy duty felt, onduline pent style felt or rubber roof felt (at an additional cost).
•    12mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding: All of our buildings are built with 12mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding, but because we always endeavour to offer our customers a bespoke service, customers also have the option to choose 15mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding
•    47mm x 35mm eased edge treated timber framework: Customers also have the option to choose a 63mm x 38mm timber framework alternative for increasing strength, sustainability and longevity. 
•    Bespoke Service: We pride ourselves on offering a completely bespoke service. All of our garden sheds can be completely custom made to you and your requirements. Our simple customisation process enables you to alter a variety of elements of your garden shed. What’s more, if you have a vision for your outdoor building that you can’t see on our website, we can also accommodate – simply get in touch via email or over the phone, and we can discuss your requirements, the design and build process as well as the budget to ensure you’re happy. 
•    Value for money:  Not only our garden sheds custom made, they’re also built using premium quality materials and manufactured right here in the UK, in the heart of Kent. In addition to this, the cost of your garden shed also includes FREE delivery & installation. 
•    Premium quality garden buildings: As we’ve already mentioned, our garden sheds are premium quality buildings made from the highest-quality materials and built with craftsmanship, attention to detail and pride. 



What can you expect with a cheap shed?

When inspecting our customers ‘cheap’ shed, we immediately noticed elements of the sheds which were distinguishable from an Ace Shed.
•    Internal gaps were present throughout the build where cover strips hadn’t been used
•    35mm x 35mm roof beams meant they were lacking strength and solidarity to maintain a sustainable building
•    35mm x 35mm truss which had been incorrectly installed meaning it wasn’t aligned to achieve an equal balance of the shed roof
•    Dip treated rather than pressure treated which would’ve provided better protection against weathering, rot and decay. 

  Cheap shed

 Cheap shed  Cheap shed

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