She Shed Interiors - Ideas To Inspire!

What is a she shed? 
The best way of describing a she shed is that it’s like a man-cave but for females, however you may be wondering what a she shed used for?

Read the blog inspired by International Women’s Day here to explain what a she shed is - sheds aren’t just for men, they are for everyone!

We want to inspire you to think outside the box for your garden she shed and create something you will want to be in every chance you have!

Inspirational Interior Ideas for She Sheds

A she shed should be your haven, your place to get away from it all and have a place to relax, unwind, focus or ultimately enjoy some precious you time in this busy and fast-paced world we are currently living in.

1. A Homely Wellbeing Den

Imagine a yoga or spa retreat setting in your own garden!

Fresh flowers in vases can add pops of colour whilst bringing a touch of nature into your surroundings - it will also make your she shed smell amazing! 

Be sure to have yoga mats, pilates blocks, candles, incense, blue-tooth speakers for guided meditations and yoga classes and all the calming decorative touches you can think of!
And if you are splashing out then why not add a massage chair in the corner! What could be better?

2. A Gardener’s Heaven

Do you love being outside among your plants? Your she shed can be your very own place to dedicate time to gardening activities, creating pretty plant pots and for storing all of your tools in a very organised and stylish manor!

You could even use it to grow herbs and indoor plants too! Think greenhouse but ten times better and one hundred times more you! You can have hooks on the walls for your gloves and secateurs, and super tidy drawers for storing your pots and seeds!

Don’t forget to add a comfy chair for resting after your hard work! 

3. Your Own Office Space

If you started your own business during lockdown or currently pay for an office space somewhere then why not consider creating your very own office in your back garden! A she shed gives you your own space where you can keep everything you need without using one of the spare rooms in the house or paying rent for an office space!

Depending on the type of business you have built you will need to consider installing electricity and wifi access into the spacious she whilst also assessing how to store everything securely - ensure you have everything locked away at night safely (just in case!)

4. A Game-Changing Guest House

Why not create your own, gorgeous place that you can rent out to people on Air B&B! 

Create the ultimate she shed with a cosy bed complete with countless cushions for extra comfort and all the finishing touches to make the space warm and inviting to guests, family and friends! You can even consider positioning the shed to enable you to split of part of the back of the garden and provide their own private garden area and access without the need of disturbing you or going through the house - it’s a great return on investment and a super handy luxury to have if you have the space!

Practical Interior Ides for She Sheds

When it comes to interior design ideas for your she shed it is entirely down to personal taste - from a neutral, relaxing and calming feel to a colourful, arty and inspiring interior - your opportunities are endless.
However, there are a few things you should definitely consider depending on how you wish to use your she shed.

1. Lighting and Electricity 

Installing electricity is essential for lighting purposes to enable you to use the she shed all year round. In addition, having electricity will enable you to have music, tv, coffee machine and fridge too!  Don’t forget to install wi-fi into your shed too!

There are lots of different types of lighting options you can consider using, and your preference will vary depending on your she shed’s purpose. Some of the available options include: 

  • Overhead / ceiling lighting 
  • Lamps (standing, or table)
  • Fairy lights 
  • LED lighting strips 
  • Natural lighting through windows/doors
  • Outside lighting (if your she shed will also have an outdoor section)

2. Plumbing

If you’re going to be needing access to water for any reason, then it’s important for you to think about installing plumbing into your she shed. This may be as simple as having a small sink to wash your paint brushes in if you are creating an art studio, or maybe you need a quaint bathroom to be installed if you’re going to use it as a guest house! Either way, we recommend getting a trained professional to complete the work for you to avoid any major mishaps. 

You may also want to consider having radiators installed for essential heat during colder months.

3. Furnishings

As we’ve mentioned, she shed interiors depend very much on their overall purpose and so hard furnishings are more difficult to specify. For example, if you’re turning your she shed into a garden office and are looking for interior inspiration you’ll want to be looking at hard furnishings like a desk, office chair and shelving units.

However, if you are going to be converting your shed into a salon or dog grooming parlour for example, you will need to consider lots more along with a little more space to make it inviting for customers.

Designing she shed interiors can be challenging but exciting! The specifics of hard furnishings will be down to your personal preference and vision for your she shed, but it’s worth thinking about what you’ll be using the furniture for and how much space it’s going to take up. 

If you are considering using your she shed as a guest house then sofa beds can be a great space-saving option for those with small she shed interiors. 

Soft furnishings are things like curtains/blinds and carpets/rugs. These are the added touches that will make your she shed feel a bit more homely, warm and add a personal touch! Think:

  • Blankets
  • A doormat/door stop
  • Cushions and pillows
  • Candles (we suggest fake ones!)
  • Room diffusers

It is a small space to work with when it comes to creating the perfect she shed interior, although, remember to add a feminine and inviting touch that will make you want to use it day in and day out!

Looking for the perfect she shed? 

So, have we given you food for thought about what you can do with your very own she shed? Will it be your place to unwind and relax, or your own work-from-home space? Whatever your she shed is destined to be, we know it will look great!

If you’re just getting started with the planning of your she shed at Ace Sheds, we have a wide range of sheds and summerhouses that you can consider using to convert into your perfect outdoor space! We also offer options for bespoke sheds if you want something unique to you. Keep up to date with the Ace blog for endless inspiration! 

To find out more get in touch with us by calling us on 01233 822042, emailing us on or contacting us online. We’d love to be involved in giving you your dream she shed!