Quality Garden Sheds

Quality Garde Sheds in Kent

At Ace Sheds, it's not just a case of building a shed in the quickest, easiest and unstrenuous fashion. We aim to build quality garden sheds, workshops and summerhouses, taking individual care into every garden building we build.
Using our craftsman, we take your quality garden sheds and turn them into individual projects. Matching your imagination and our production skills, as a customer we are confident you won't ever be downbeat with the results.
Our quality garden sheds come from a number of factors that we are very proud of here at Ace Sheds.

Four Quality Garden Shed Ingredients

1. Pressure Treatment, offering customers quality garden sheds made from quality tongue and grovves redwood, all of which is secured to 50 x 25mm battens with a rust resistant stainless steel set of ring nails. Water repellent is also included to help provide customers with a maintenance free building which will not rot for up to 10 years, even in contact with the ground.

2. Our timber story starts way back in 1988. We gained a lot of experience in sourcing and importing quality timber to start are process of building quality garden sheds in Kent. From there, we source all of our timber from a Swedish sawmill that has over 100 years experience in processing timber in 1st class fashion. The sawmill is fully PEFC certified using tress cut down from its own neighbouring forests.

3. Secured By Design is a Police initiative which focuses on crime prevention at the design and construction of your garden sheds. We at Ace Sheds currently employ this action by complying with SBD requirements. Customers can be assured that their quality garden shed from Ace Sheds is the safest on the market.

4. Buy with Confidence is another scheme to warrant buying quality garden sheds in Kent from Ace Sheds. This scheme operated by trading standards monitors Ace Sheds production process, making sure of its high standards. As well, a criminal record bureaux check is actioned on every employee at Ace Sheds, giving you total peace of mind knowing that honest and reliable people will be producing your quality garden sheds.