Bespoke Garden Sheds

Bespoke garden shed

Whether it’s a place of leisure, working land, your grandkids’ playground or a mix of all three, it’s your unique creation.  You’ve spent time carefully cultivating, shaping and growing it to fit the needs of your family.  At Ace Sheds we recognise that a unique garden requires a bespoke garden shed.  Our extensive range of shed styles means you will be spoilt for choice, whether you want a potting shed for those sprouting seedlings or the perfect escape on a warm summer evening. 

A bespoke shed from Ace Sheds means complete customisation; from style, size and fixtures to treatment and security options.  Tailor-made sheds and outdoor buildings are our speciality.  We have a lot of experience understanding our customers’ needs and translating them into quality, lasting structures.

We’re happy to help at any stage of your shed design and build.  Our wide range of summerhouses, workshops and storage sheds gives you the option of choosing and buying a shed with a few clicks online, or the flexibility to talk to one of our experts about a completely unique design.  This flexible service means you can have as much or as little input in your bespoke garden shed build as you want.  If you like a product from our range but want an additional door or window, we can adapt them to suit.  If you would like to take parts of sheds or buildings from across our garden shed or outdoor building range we’re happy to mix and match to create any shed combination you desire.  Our focus on complete customisation means we’re willing to discuss any ideas you have and will make whatever adaptations we can to help you create your ideal garden shed.

If you have an existing base our products can be designed to fit or we can assist you in understanding how best to adapt your base to fit your ideal garden shed design. 

All of our sheds and outdoor buildings are made to order by our skilled and experienced engineers using high quality materials and proven build techniques.  Our Scots Pine timber is sourced from a PEFC certified, hundred year-old sawmill in Sweden.  Every tree that is cut down is replaced with a new sapling to make sure our sheds are as friendly for the environment as they are for you.   

Some of the common additions to our garden sheds includes increased headroom, partitions, shelves and roof windows.  Our colour options means that not only can it be built to your exact functional needs it can be crafted to look just as you want.  Choose the neutral “Bramble” brown or subtle “Willow” green if you want your shed to blend in with its surroundings, or make it the focal point of your garden with “White Ash” or “Cornflower” blue.

Garden sheds are no longer just a storage place for the lawnmower or garden chairs.  If yours is your workshop or garden office, chances are you have expensive equipment you want to protect.  That’s why all of our bespoke garden sheds allow for extra security measures, including security mesh, padlocks and bolts and deadlocks.  Or perhaps your valuables deserve a “Secure By Design” shed. If so, we can accommodate with a windowless frame, coach bolted hinges and secure ground anchors.  We can also install top of the range shed alarms to any product in our range.

Our team of expert installers can put together your bespoke garden shed in Kent, Essex, Surrey and even London.  We can install it at the time of delivery or whenever suits you.  This flexibility allows you the convenience of having one of our team do the heavy lifting and hard work for you, or save money installing it yourself to spend on new gardening equipment to fill it with! 

If you’re looking for a bespoke garden shed, summerhouse or workshop that fits your garden and your needs, give us a call on 01233 822042 or Contact Us online. Alternatively come visit us at our shed show site in Ashford, Kent - bring along a drawing or sketch of your shed, and at minimal costs we will be glad to help design and build your dream custom made shed.